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4 Way Cassette

4 Way Cassette
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With its newly improved design, 4 Way Cassette supports a clean, aesthetically appealing atmosphere and adds a sense of sophistication to work and living spaces.

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Aesthetic panel and display

The 4 Way Cassette's simple display design with rounded corners adds an elegant sophistication to any interior. Wth a neat and clean design the indoor 4 Way Cassette boasts a smart design that promotes a neat and clean look. The completely hermetic blade structure keeps the indoor unit clean by preventing dust or other foreign substances from entering it. The internal parts of the indoor unit are also out of sight when the blade is shut, thus improving the unit's appearance.

Individual blade Control

Samsung's 4 Way Cassette features a remote controller that enables users to manipulate the angles of the fan blades for more efficient cooling. With the remote controller, users can individually set the opening angles of the four blades at the same angle or different angles within a 32 ° - 65 ° range to create just the right atmosphere.

Lightweight Build

The Samsung 4 Way Cassette indoor unit is now lighter in weight at 37 lbs. It is one of the lightest indoor units in the industry, about 40 percent lighter than conventional products.

Full-surround Airflow

The 4 way outlet can cool every corner of the room. The new and practical design of the blades minimizes blind spots at the corners of the panel, and can cover nearly a full 360 ° around the indoor unit.

Optimal Airflow for High Ceilings

Using only the remote controller, operators can achieve optimum fan speed for high ceilings. The fan speed adjustment function evenly distributes cool and warm air throughout spaces with high ceilings of up to 11 ft. The high ceiling mode delivers even more powerful airflow throughout the interior space, enlarging the airflow coverage area for heights of up to 15 ft.

Drip-Free Operation

The check valve on the drain pump prevents drained water from flowing backward into the drain pan. This minimizes the drain pan's water level, eliminating the worry and hassle of water stagnation or overflowing drain water dripping into the interior.

Simple cleanup

The 4 Way Cassette's indoor unit has detachable airflow blades, which means users don't need to remove the entire panel to clean the blade, making maintenance even easier.

Products specifications

Net Weight

15 KG


Shipping Weight

18.50 KG


Net Dimensions (W x H x D)

840 x 204 x 840 mm


Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D)

898 x 275 x 898 mm


Panel Net Weight

5.80 KG


Shipping Weight

8.40 KG


Control Method

EEV Included

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