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What is Vacuum Compartment?


Hitachi World’s First Vacuum Compartment form a vacuum and decreases the oxygen density in the chilled room, preventing DHAs, vitamins and amino acids in food from oxidizing. 




What type of food is not suitable to put in the Vacuum Compartment?

Food that is stored in a container with a film lid such as the lid of pudding, yogurt, and lactic acid beverages. The film lids may be inflated and partially peeled off.




Why does the Vacuum Compartment make a hissing sound when I open?


The hissing sound is caused by the release of the vacuum pressure in the compartment.




How often do I need to replace the water filter?


Kindly replace the water filter once every 3-4 years.




How can I get rid of the smell in the refrigerator?


The most basic way is to clean and maintain the refrigerator regularly. For example: removing expired food quickly, food that has strong smell like durian, kimchi is best to be sealed up in boxes. You may use commonly used household washing liquid to clean the inside of the refrigerator. You may put the special charcoal in the refrigerator to get rid of the smell. Do remember to replace them frequently.Using lemon skins would be helpful as well.Dried and used tea leaves can be placed at the vent of the refrigerator.



What is Nano Titanium?


Nano Titanium is a cutting-edge technology that uses a TiO2 catalyst to provide a powerful anti-bacterial and deodorizing effect.Nano Titanium particles are incredibly small (about 5nm). If you imagine the Earth’s diameter is 1 meter, then 5nm would be the size of a golf ball compared to the Earth. The filter is packed with these minute particles to firmly catch and resolve bacteria, which are approximately 1000 times larger, mold and odors.




Why is there water inside the container at the back/bottom side of the refrigerator?


The container at the back/bottom side of the refrigerator is called drain pan or evaporator pan. The water from defrosting process will be collected in it. You can just leave the water there untouched, as the water can evaporate and water level can drop or disappear itself.




How can I clean the doors of my fridge?


In order to protect the coating on the doors, please do not use any detergent or any rough material to clean the door surface. Please only use a soft cloth, rinse it in clean water, squeeze off the water and clean the surface of the door.




Why does the ice maker of my refrigerator stop making ice?


Please check and make sure the ice maker function is activated and LED indicator lights on. Please check if the water tank is filled with water. Please make sure the water tank is fully inserted into the slot and pushed behind the line.


Kindly note that for the first time of ice making, it takes longer time (even 24 hours). After that, usually, it would take 2-3 hours to make 8 ice cubes.


Please check if ice compartment is already full of ice. When the sensor detects that the ice tank is full, auto ice making process will cease.


Please do not put liquid such as juices, soft drinks, tea etc. other than plain water into the water tank, as it may damage the ice maker.




Why is the refrigerator/freezer compartment not cold?

Check temperature control dial and check temperature setting.

Check the refrigerator is not directly facing the sunlight.

Check that the items are not overcrowded in the refrigerator. Too much food storage could block the cool air flow circulation. Make sure that the ventilation outlets are not blocked.

Check if the door is opened too frequently or for too long time.



Why are there water droplets inside the back surface of the refrigerator compartment?


When the door is frequently open, the hot air goes inside and thus causes condensation to form. Please wipe it off with a dry cloth.  toggle list




Why is there water flowing sound in the refrigerator?

It is normal as the water is produced within the refrigerator during defrosting process.




Why is the side of the refrigerator body hot?

In order to prevent the refrigerator from sweating and also to ventilate the heat, especially for the new fridge, during the high-speed operation of the compressor or when the doors are opened frequently, a lot of heat is generated and emitted from the side of the fridge body.The temperature can rise quite high, but it does not pose any safety or performance problems, but please avoid touching it.




Why are there water droplets on the outside of the refrigerator?

The water droplets formed outside the refrigerator are due to the frosting mostly during the raining season or on the highly humid weather when the ambient temperature is high. It is not a malfunction, and the water droplets can be wiped off using a dry cloth and the installation area should be well ventilated.




Why does one door open when the other closes?

The compartments are connected by cold air pathway where the air pressure will lead to the opening of the other door when one door closes hard. This is not malfunction.




Why are there water inside/surface of the vegetable compartment drawer?

This is due to high humidity inside the vegetable compartment which keeps the

freshness of the vegetables.




Why do both crushed and cubes ices dispensed out when I select only crushed ice button?

This might be due to insufficient water in the water tank causing the cubes to be smaller than usual and thus, cannot be crushed. 




Why is there condensation or little icing inside Vacuum Compartment?


Kindly also ensure the vacuum room door is not opened too frequently, as the hot air goes inside and thus causes condensation. Moisture in juicy food stored in the Vacuum Compartment will evaporate and cause dew condensation or frost in the Vacuum Compartment. Please wipe off with a dry cloth.




Why does the food in the refrigerator compartment freeze?


Check temperature control dial and check temperature setting. Please ensure it is not very low temperature setting. Please also check if the food is touching or is right in front of the air vent? If so, please move the food.



Can I put tea or juice in the water tank instead of water?


Put only drinking water in the tank. Otherwise, the water tube may get clog with juicy pulps or tea leaves.




Do I need to connect my water pipe directly into the water dispenser?


For Hitachi refrigerator models with water dispensor, ithas a water tank that connects directly to the water dispenser. As such, no troublesome plumbing is required and you can place your refrigerator anywhere.



How long will the Vacuum Compartment take effect?


It is estimated at 2 minutes after pressing the ‘Vacuum Compartment’ button at the front panel of the refrigerator. Time varies depending on the amount of food stored.




Do I have to change the Nano Titanium Filter?


No, you do not have to change the filter as it eliminates bacteria & odors by its own catalyst. It is hassle-free and do not require any maintenance.


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