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Wouldn’t it be so great if your refrigerator could be converted at your convenience?

Wouldn’t it be so great if your refrigerator

could be converted at your convenience?


Sometimes you got too many groceries from the store, going out for a day-long drive or going on a vacation for a while and time to time you need bigger refrigerator compartment for your too many groceries or bigger freezer compartment to freeze up the food as you won’t be home for a long time! To solve this issue, Samsung came up with a smart solution! Now you can convert your “Refrigerator” into “Freezer” or “Freezer” into “Refrigerator”!

This revolutionary convertible refrigerator of Samsung comes with 5 conversion modes which change itself at the push of a button to take care of all your various needs. 


 So bring the Convertible Refrigerator and live smartly !

Which is better Shaver or Trimmer?



Which is better Shaver or Trimmer?



The question is very tricky but the solution can be found to some extent, though the final call still remains in your hand. Now to judge the competition of the trimmer vs electric shaver we will first need to know what are the roles of these two individuals.




Trimmer cuts your beard and trims the hair just like in any salon or your barber shapes your hair. You can trim your beard however you want and make it match with your daily looks and attires. 

Figure 1: Trimming

In short, it helps you to have the perfect personalized touch to your look.



Whereas a Shaver is mostly like a plain sharp razor blade that you can use to shave off your beard or mustache or certain parts of it or shape it up as per your wish. There is no chance of trimming it down. 

Figure 2: Shaving

You can only clean it up mostly. Meaning no stubble or cowboy look. Just clean shaved tip-top smart stud look.


So, the answer to the question, " Which is better Shaver or Trimmer?" depends on the style you would like to carry on! If you want to look formal, clean and sharp then go for Shaver but if you want to have a smart casual look or formal look but not so sharp, want to have a little more stylish beard then go for Trimmer. 

Figure3: Look with Shaver

Figure4: Look with Trimmer



Then again there are some looks for which you might need both

Shaver and Trimmer

Figure5: Beard Styles

In a way, both are important for their different roles. So, it's better to have both Shaver and Trimmer at home to apply versatile looks every day! But if you do not want to buy two products, you can buy multi grooming product where you can get both Shaver and trimmer in one product!


Figure 6: Philips Shaver and Trimmer