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Make Fresh Juices Easily Everyday


Make Fresh Juices Easily Every day!



Are you the one who loves fresh juices but cannot rely on the quality of the products in the market? Then make your own juice bar in your kitchen! Then again making juice has so many processes which sometimes feel like a hassle because of the following steps you have to do to have a glass of fresh smooth juice!

  •          peel off the fruits,
  •          Cut fruits into pieces
  •          Sometimes use spoon to blend properly
  •          Then filter the juice


But what if there is a way to do all of these processes by pressing one button! That would be so deliciously awesome and Philips Viva Collection Juicer will help you to experience this awesomeness!  

Philips Viva Collection Juicer extracts even all juice from your fruit and vegetables. You can make 2L juice in one go with this juicer. The motor is very strong that allows blending, mixing and crushing effectively. The attachments you get with the juicer are:



Now to make fresh juices all you have to do is dropping the fruits into the juicer and pressing the switch!

At first, you will have to attach the body of the juicer properly 


Now all you have to do is dropping the fruits which ever you want to into the juicer through its “XL feeding tube. The tube is made extra-large so that you can put your fruits easily without chopping it!



Before pressing the switch, put the jar in front of the tap attached to the Juicer. Otherwise, the juices will fall down and will make a mess in your kitchen.


After putting the jug in its right place take the Lid that looks like a cylinder and put it inside the feeding tube that locks the open mouth of the juicer and will give a pressure to the to blend faster.

Figure: Lid

Figure: Implementation of Lid


 Now turn on the switch and the process will start! Juicer will squeeze all juices from the fruits and the unnecessary pulp will be stored in different place. So you do not have to worry about cutting and peeling the fruits and your juice will be smooth and filtered automatically.  


In the same time juice will come out from its tap which will fill up the jar we have attached before.

Now the fresh juice is ready to be served! Enjoy different juices every day easily without cutting, chopping or peeling the fruits!