Enjoy Fries Without Oil!

Enjoy Fries Without Oil!

Enjoy Fries Without Oil!

We all love to eat fries though they are too fatty and unhealthy because of the excess usage of oils. But it’s the oil that cooks the food properly with the perfect texture for which we feel the crave for the fries and the oily foods. But what if there is a way to cook these foods without oil maintaining the same taste and texture!”. Well, there is!

The Philips Viva Air fryer has come up with a solution rapid air technology offers a healthier alternative to deep fat frying. Yes! That means you can enjoy any fries or deep fries or oily foods without worrying about the oil because this air fryer offers you to fry foods without oil or 80% less oil!

You can fry, grill, roast, steam and bake without any oil or with 80% less oil with this air fryer. To give you a more clear demonstration, I will share you the recipe of Crispy, juicy, delicious bbq chicken legs made in the air fryer with only 5 ingredients. 


Now you can cook this chicken very easily following these steps:  

Crispy, flavorful skin, juicy meat is ready to be served and no oil is needed!

Airfryer is, of course, great because they use air instead of the traditional deep-frying method and allow you cook a bit of everything in them. They also give you a crispy texture thus allowing you to have the best ever jacket potatoes or the best ever crispy chicken.

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