Food processor Dessert recipe

Food processor Dessert recipe

Delicious Food processor Dessert recipe

Peanut butter bliss balls

There was a time when making desserts at home was very tough because of the processing procedure. But now technology is making everything smart. So why don't we make our kitchen life smarter and easier! Now you do not have to process the ingredients manually to treat your family as there are so many Kitchen Appliances that can make the process very smooth and easy! And what can be sweeter treat than dessert? 

Peanut butter bliss balls


180 g soft dates, pitted

2 Tbs Spoon Peanut Butter

½ Tsp Vanilla Paste

1 Tbs Honey

2 Tbs Cocoa Powder and extra for dusting

Pinch of sea salt flakes


Place all the ingredients in a food processor and blitz until a smooth, paste-like consistency.

Roll teaspoon amounts into balls and coat in the extra cocoa powder.

Refrigerate until firm.

Keep stored in the fridge until ready to serve.


Now enjoy this beautiful dessert and for decoration, you can dust some cocoa powder on it.


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