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Hitachi 5 Door Refrigerator | RE5000S-XK | 529 L

R-E5000S (XK)
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Made in Japan

Hitachi's Original Vacuum Compartment and Aero-Care Vegetable Compartment with new Platinum Catalyst.

Inverter. Made in Japan.

  • Net Capacity 479 Litres

  • Hitachi Original Vacuum Compartment with new Platinum Photocatalyst

  • Aero-Care Vegetable Compartment with Platinum Photocatalyst

  • Hitachi Original Frost Recycling Cooling Technology with Hybrid Defrost

  • Hitachi Original Flexible Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP)

  • Touch Screen Controller

  • Hitachi Original Auto Drawers

  • Triple Power Deodorization

  • Scratch-Resistant Crystal Glass Doors

  • Crystal Black & Crystal White

        Overview Specification Reviews ( 5.0 1 )

        Freshness Redefined

        Aero0care Vege Compartment with Platinum Catalyst produces an optimal environment of increased carbon dioxide that maintains the freshness and nutrients of vegetables.


        approx o.8 atm of vacuum preservation with unique Platinum Catalyst keep chilled meat, fish, dairy products fresh and nutritious.


        Energy Saving

        Multi-valve control, frost recycling cooling, and other technologies help reduce electricity consumption.

        Designed to Perfection

        The largest refrigerator in the industry, at 730L. All Hitachi refrigerators have been certified CFC- Free since September 2015



        Original Vacuum 


        Introducing Vacuum Preservation technology with platinum power catalyst to keep food fresh for longer in this Non Frost refrigerator .



        With Japanese innovation, at its finest, Hitachi's uniquely designed vacuum preservation can achieve approximately 0.8atm capabilities through the use of a vacuum pump to extract air and reduce oxygen, suppressing oxidation, thus ensuring freshness of food while relating its nutrients.

         Platinum Catalyst

        Odor components that come into contact with a catalyst are broken down into carbon dioxide and water

        Odour components from meat and fish are broken down by the Platinum Catalyst of this new model refrigerator to generate a greater amount of carbon dioxide than the conventional photocatalyst. The carbon dioxide dissolves in the water on the surface of food items to make the surface weakly acidic, which suppresses enzyme strength to minimize loss of freshness.

        Selecting the Vacuum Sub Zero mode for items such as meat, fish and processed food, and the vacuum chilled mode setting for items such as vegetables and tofu let you store food without freezing item. This helps to prevent deterioration of flavor and texture due to freezing.

        Radish with 10mm diameter, soaked for 3 hours. Red dye is used to show the permeation rate of the seasoning liquid.

        The vacuum compartment of this  Multi-door Refrigerator removes air from stored food, allowing the seasoning to be absorbed in a faster rate*2 so that less time is required in food preparation.

        Sliced ham (after storing for 24 hours)

        Refrigerator Compartment             Vacuum Compartment

        Sliced cheese (after storing for 24 hours)

        Refrigerator Compartment             Vacuum Compartment

        Thanks to the Vacuum Compartment's sealed construction, dying of stored items is reduced. Now you can store opened items and dishes you want to store for a while without the need for troublesome wrapping.

        For Vegetable and Fruits

        The Power of Platinum

        This new Fridge is Uniquely designed to maintain freshness and nutrients in vegetables, the Aero-care Vege Compartment puts food under the power of a Platinum Catalyst, producing increased carbon dioxide to control respiration of vegetables and limiting the consumption of nutrients in the environment to prevent loss of freshness.

        In addition, the improved airtight seal of the compartment increases humidity, with the Humidity Control unit also releasing excess moisture, vegetables remain in optimal condition, further ensuring they retain their freshness and nutrients.

        Improved moisture cover for better sealing

        Carbon dioxide + Perfect Humidity

        Choose the door and the moisture cover acts as a lid over the entire vegetable compartment for improved sealing. Carbon dioxide concentration increases while moisture is kept in, helping to prevent drying.

        Excess moisture is released outside the case by the moisture unit to maintain the optimum amount of moisture and prevent condensation.

        Energy Saving Technology

        Following Hitachi’s continual efforts in pioneering green initiatives, this fridge has an array of the latest technological advantages that thrives towards a sustainable environment. With the introduction of a Dual Fan Cooling System, the cooling process is much faster. Together with the Advanced Frost Recycling Cooling, high-efficiency Compressor and Insulation system, this refrigerator is able to run effectively with greatly reduced electricity consumption.

        Annual Energy Consumption Chart

        Annual Energy Consumption Chart

        * kWh energy consumption comparison between the 7 models. The figures vary according to the temperature settings in different compartments, its surrounding temperature and humidity, the frequency of doors opening and closing, amount and temperature of food newly added into the fridge and the method of usage. 

        ** Figures extracted from NEA website. 
        # Litres based on Gross Capacity.


        Original X Series features

        Light, easy opening and putting in/taking out of items with the Auto Drawer & Full Open Design


        Auto Drawer

        Even when it's full of items and heavy, one touch is all it takes to slide out the Auto Drawer

        Able to open fully

        You can see all the way to the back, so you won't overlook items and forget about them so often. And even in limited space, you can easily slide open the drawer from the side

        Effective Use of Frost for Cooling

        When the compressor isn't operating, frost formed in the condenser when it was operating is used to cool the refrigerator and vegetable compartments. Frost results in energy consumption, but this is reduced by defrosting with heaters.

        Cooling with frost in the condenser is based on the same principle as cooling with ice.

        Large capacity and energy saving

        Using the conventional insulation material of urethane foam together with highly efficient vacuum insulation panels enables both large capacity and energy-saving performance.

        Cuts power consumption by about 10-12% compared to that during regular operating.(Room temperature of 15°C-30°C)

        Save Mode

        Touch the Energy Saving button to start the "Save Mode" with the following four functions:

        Indications for smart use

        ECO-Operation Sign

        This lights when the operation is comparatively stable. It goes out when there is a heavy load on the refrigerator such as during rapid freezing.




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        Products specifications
        Capacity(Gross) 529 Litres
        • Refrigerator Feature Vacuum Compartment
        Powerful Cooling
        Height Adjustable Shelf
        Freezer Feature Powerful Freezing
        Aluminum Tray (Upper + Lower)
        Three-Layer Freezer Case & Tall Storage (Lower Freezer Compartment)
        Automatic Ice Maker
        Vegetable & Fruit Drawer Aero-care. Vegetable Compartment (With Platinum Catalyst and Moisture unit)
        Other Feature Triple Deodorisation Filter
        Frost Recycling Cooling
        Eco Intelligent Control
        Smart Lifestyle Memory
        Energy Saving Mode
        Control Panel (Touch Screen Controller)
        Dimensions W x D x H [mm]: 620 x 733 x 1818
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