Hitachi 6 Door Inverter Refrigerator| R-ZX740JS (X) |788L

Hitachi 6 Door Inverter Refrigerator| R-ZX740JS (X) |788L

R-ZX740JS (X)
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Hitachi Original Vacuum Preservation

Introducing Vacuum Preservation technology with Platinum Power Catalyst to keep food fresh for longer.

Two Temperature Zones

Store your food without freezing it, by selecting the Vacuum Sub Zero Mode for items such as meat, fish and processed food, and the Vacuum Chilled mode setting for items such as vegetables and tofu This helps to prevent deterioration of flavour and texture due to freezing.

Aero-Care Vege Compartment

Uniquely designed to maintain freshness and nutrients in fruits and vegetables, the Aero-care Vege Compartment puts food under the power of a Platinum Catalyst, producing increased carbon dioxide to control respiration of fruits and vegetables and limiting the consumption of nutrients in the environment to prevent loss of freshness.

Optimal Moisture Storage in Vegetable Compartment

Close the door and the moisture cover acts as a lid over the entire vegetable compartment for improved sealing. Carbon dioxide concentration increases while moisture is kept in, helping to prevent drying. Excess moisture is released outside the case by the moisture unit to maintain the optimum amount of moisture and prevent condensation.

Auto Drawer Features

Even when it's full of items and heavy, one touch is all it takes to slide out the Auto Drawer

Optimal storage of vegetables in Aero-care Vege Compartment

Sustain freshness and nutrients with platinum catalyst (after saving)

Delicious Freezing

Retain All the Natural Goodness of Your Food

Lock in the original colours, texture, flavours and nutritional value of fresh and cooked products with high-velocity freezing! 

High Thermal Conductivity to Draw Heat Away Faster

Food placed on the Delicious Freezing Aluminum Tray chills faster due to the hight thermal conductivity of the metal. By quickly growing past the maximum ice crystal formation zone where the moisture in the food items freezes, the growth of the ice crystals will be inhibited. Freezer burn can be impeded and cellular damage can be curbed to keep food tasting delicious.

Key Benefits of Delicious Freezing

Crystallisation of intracellular moisture is accelerated particularly in the -1°C to -5°C temperature range. Slow regular freezing results in the intercellular formation of large ice crystals which rupture cell walls and cause flavour loss.

On the other hand, the freezing capabillity of Delicious Freezing shoots past the maximum ice crystal formation zone quickly, thereby reducing ice crystal to minimise cell wall destruction and aid flavour retention. Furthermore, regular freezing usually leads to a highly visible amount of drip loss from meat or fish during thawing, while Delicious Freezing minimises it.

Intelligent Temperature Detection for Automatic Freezing Setting

When the Temperature Sensor detects the temperature of hot food on the tray, it will automatically switch the setting and freeze it very quickly.

Effectiveness of Delicious Freezing

Prevents Nutritional Loss in Vegetables

Comparisons were made between cooked broccoli that was stored in the two freezers for 10 days. Results showed that Delicious Freezing achieves greater Vitamin C preservation.

Retains Original Rice Flavour

Comparisons were made between cooked rice that was stored in the two different freezers for 10 days and thawed thereafter. Results showed that Delicious Freezing led to less deterioration of food quality.

Energy Saving

Annual Energy Consumption Chart

A range of technologies such as frost recycling cooling and Vacuum Insulation Panels, new technologies such as multi-valve control have been added to further ensure energy-saving performance.

High-Efficiency Inverter Compressor

The high-precision, high-durability inverter compressor finely adjusts cooling power from high to low. It is capable of providing exceptionally powerful cooling by generating a large volume of chilled air, while also providing efficient low cooling. Depending on conditions inside and outside the refrigerator, it provides optimum cooling power at all times.

Hitachi Original Frost Recycling Cooling Technology

When the compressor isn't operating, frost formed in the condenser when it was operating is used to cool the Refrigerator and Vegetable Compartments. Frost results in energy consumption, but this is reduced by defrosting with heaters.

Save Mode

Touch the Energy Saving button to start the Save Mode.

Indications For Smart Use 

Eco operation sign

This lights when operation is comparatively stable. It goes out when there is a heavy load on the refrigerator such as during rapid freezing.

Refrigerator Compartment

Shelves and Pockets with Adjustable Height

Hitachi Original Features

Freezer Compartment

Ice cream and other items with a high fat content stored in the Freezer Compartment's upper section or in the thin item case in the lower section may become soft. If this happens, please move the items to the large item case in the Freezer Compartment's lower section.

Tank Type Automatic Ice-Maker

Designed to Perfection

Hitachi Original Auto Doors & Drawers

Auto Doors

  • This function reduces the initial burden of opening the doors, but does not fully open them
  • Depending on installation conditions, the opening angles of the doors may differ
  • You can switch off the Auto function to open the doors manually
  • The Auto function does not work when either the Ice Maker or Upper Freezer Compartment drawers are open.

Auto Drawers

The auto drawers slide out effortlessly with just one touch, even when they are fully loaded.

Touch Screen Controller

Usually, the refrigerator projects a refined appearance with no visible control panel. Touch the MENU button and the control panel display appears on the flat surface of the door, so you can control your settings without having to open the door.

Scratch-Resistant Crystal Doors

Tempered glass that's scratch-resistant and easy to wipe clean is used for the doors.

Products specifications

Gross Capacity (L)



Total : 788

Refrigerator Compartment : 348

Vacuum Compartment : 47

Vegetable Compartment : 140

Freezer Compartment (Upper + Lower + Ice) : 253



Storage Capacity (L)



Total : 572

Refrigerator Compartment : 342

Vacuum Compartment : 18

Vegetable Compartment : 95

Freezer Compartment(Upper + Lower + Ice) : 117



Cooling System



Frost Recycle Cooling

Multi valve Control

Inverter Compressor

Eco Intelligent Control

Refrigerant : R600a

Vacuum Insulation Material



Refrigerator Compartment



Vacuum Compartment : Platinum Catalyst with Ruthenium

Sensor Cooling (3rd & 4th Shelves)

LED Lighting

Auto Door

Tempered Glass Shelf (Upper 2 shelves)

Height Adjustable Pockets

Height Adjustable Shelves




Automatic Ice Making Compartment



Independent Ice Storage

Quick Ice Making

Automatic Cleaning Function

Water Filter




Upper Freezer Compartment

Aluminum Tray






Lower Freezer Compartment



Aluminum Tray : Top

Delicious Freezing : Top

Auto Drawer

3-layer Freezer Case






Aero-care Vegetable Compartment : Platinum Catalyst with Ruthenium

Aero-care Vegetable Compartment
(with Moisture Cover)

Auto Drawer



Other Features



Triple Deordorization Filter

Lifestyle Memory Control

Control Panel (Touch Screen Controller)



Dimensions (WxHxD)(mm)

880 x 1833 x 738

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