Hitachi Side by Side Refrigerator | R-M820AGP4PBX | 651 L

Hitachi Side by Side Refrigerator | R-M820AGP4PBX | 651 L

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Hitachi Side by Side Refrigerator R-M820AGP4PBX - 651 L is the perfect solution to storing and preserving food items in the best possible way.


  • Gross Capacity: 651 L
  • Eco Monitoring Sensor
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • 10 Years Compressor Warranty
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Dual Fan Cooling


Innovative Technology for a Brighter Future. 

Currently used in high-speed railway systems and latest hybrid cars, Hitachi’s inverter technology has always contributed to the development of society and provide the comfortable living environment. By automatically controlling the motor, this inverter technology of this latest model fridge enables optimum operation with little-wasted energy, so it’s also expected to play a vital role in reducing environmental impact.

In Hitachi's new cooling system, a combination of two innovative technologies— the Inverter compressor & Dual Fan Cooling — cools each of the compartments independently over a wide range, providing optimum cooling at all times.


Two dedicated fans independently cool each of the compartments. So according to conditions, chilled air can be delivered only to the refrigerator compartment, only to the freezer, or to both.



Tank Type Ice and Water Dispenser Makes Clean Ice from Mineral Water



Enjoy clean ice and water anytime from a

tank water supply system

Just pour mineral or other water into the tank and ice is automatically made for you. The large-capacity tank holds a big 4 liters of cold water, and you can remove it for easier cleaning in this Brand new refrigerator.

Separate Compartment with Clean Technology for

Fresh Vegetables

Optimum Humidity of approx.90%*

Efficient, indirect cooling in each of the covered cases maintains high humidity at the optimum level of approx. 90% to assure long-lasting freshness.

* Researched by Hitachi. Differs depending on the amount and type of vegetables.



Clean Air and No Odor Transfer


The completely separate compartment is always full of clean air that has passed through a Nano Titanium filter. Of course, there's also no transfer of odors from other compartments.





600a Eco-Friendly Refrigerant


Hitachi's inverter compressor uses the refrigerant R-600a. It's free of CFCs, so it has an ozone depletion potential of zero, and free of HFCs, so it also has an extremely low global warming potential 1/400 that of conventional refrigerants. The other good news is that as well as being eco-friendly, it provides high cooling efficiency and helps to save energy.



Touch Screen Controller



Innovative technology is also elegantly incorporated in the door. Flat glass panel controls let you change settings with a simple touch. And the surface has been tempered, so a wipe is all it takes to clean it.

Products specifications
• Capacity

Gross: 651L 

   Net: 584L 


Refrigerator Compartment

Shelves - Glass(4)
Water Tank - Yes
Dairy Pocket - Yes
Wine (Bottle) Shelf - Yes
LED Light - Yes

Vegetable Compartment

Independent Veg. Compartment - Yes
MINUS-ZERO Cooling - Yes
Super Moisture Drawers - 3
2Way Humidity Controller - N/A
LED Light - Yes

Freezer Compartment

Super Clean Ice Dispenser - Yes
Twist Ice - N/A
Shelves - Glass(4)
Drawers - 3
LED Light - Yes


Inverter Control - Yes
Electronic control - Yes
Eco Thermo Sensor - Yes
Intelligent Inverter Fan - Yes


Vacuum Insulation Panel - Yes

Other Features

Power Assisted Door (F/R) - Yes
Human Sensor - Yes
Touch Screen Controller - Yes
Door Ararm - Yes
Handle - New Design
Handle Divided - N/A


Height(mm) - 1,875
Depth(mm) - 775
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