Hitachi Top Load Washing Machine NW-75WYS 3CS 7.5Kg

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  • Capacity: 7.5 kg
  • Triple Beat Shower
  • Nano Titanium Air Jet Filter
  • 1 Year Motor Warranty
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Water Saving Program


Compared to the regular method of rinsing clothes by simply adding water and agitating them with a pulsator, Hitachi’s

SPIN SHOWER RINSE enables rinsing with much less water. Using the WATER SAVE program when you want to quickly

wash lightly soiled items saves 42% more water than the FUZZY program! The WATER SAVE program was given the

highest ticks by the Water Efficiency Labeling Scheme (WELS) in Singapore



Tangle-Free Finish


This unique Hitachi feature makes it much easier to take clothes out of the drum. And minimal tangling means fewer

wrinkles on clothes left in the drum for a long time after spin-drying.

1.When the spin cycle ends,

clothes remain pressed

against the drum and are

difficult to take out.

2.The pulsator repeatedly

moves clockwise and

counterclockwise to make

items fall off the drum wall.

3.Clothes are untangled and

easy to take out.




4 Step Wash


This washing method maximizes cleaning power by making highly concentrated detergent liquid that penetrates deep into

fabrics to wash away dirt and stains. Thanks to this effective washing, detergency is made even higher.


1. The lowest level of water is used to dissolve the detergent under the pulsator.

2. A higher level of water enables the condensed detergent solution to penetrate deep into the fibers of clothes.

3. The third level of water assures that the detergent comes into complete contact with the surface of clothes.

4. Washing with the normal level of water eliminates stubborn dirt made easier to remove by the previous three steps.



Anti-Bacterial Lint Filter



The easily dirtied lint filter features an Antibacterial agent.


Auto Self Clean

Eco-technologies ensure energy-saving and eliminate harmful materials while new high-performance features enhance

everyday life!



Air Jet Dry with Nano Titanium Filter



This high-speed air drying system draws in fresh air through vents on the rear of the lid that create a high vortex to dry

your washing faster



Products specifications
Technical Info

Model - NW-75WYS
Washing Capacity (kg) - 7.5
Max. Spin Speed (r/min) - 850
4-Step Wash
Tangle-Free Finish
No. of Washing Programs - 8
Air Jet Dry (Spin Time)(min) • (60 / 120)
Display - LED
Antibacterial Lint Filter
Water Level Selector - (6 Levels)
Delay Timer - (9-6hrs)
Level Indicator
Detergent / Softener Drawer
Safety Lid Lock
Lid Sensor
Energy Fuzzy Program - 119.1
Consumption (Wh / Cycle) (per kg) - 15.9
Water Fuzzy Program - 110.3
Consumption (L / Cycle) (per kg) - 14.7
Dimensions W×H×D (mm) - 577 x 1,020 x 540
Weight (Net / Gross, kg) - 34 / 39
Color Body White
Lid Smoke Gray.

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