How to enhance the lifespan of your LED TV!

How to enhance the lifespan of your LED TV!

How to enhance the lifespan of your LED TV!

Can you remember the last time you cleaned your TV? No? 

That's why the longevity of the TV decreases and we blame brand or the shop! But if we just maintain a few things can enhance its lifespan easily!

Turn it off when no one's watching

Keep your Tv open without any reason means Leading to over 1,000 hours’ annual wastage of TV’s life.So, Whenever not in use, Turning off the TV will not only help in increasing its longevity but also savings on the electricity bill.

Adjust its Brightness Levels

If the room is happily lit, there is no need to keep the TV at high brightness levels. It is one of the tiny things but highly effective when it comes to maintaining your LED TVs for years.


Since a LED TV uses a lot of electricity to run, it produces a lot of heat in its surroundings. Generally, people while getting their TVs installed do not leave breathing space for TV which can be dangerous in the longer run.

Get a Voltage Regulator

Blackouts, lightning storms and power fluctuations can cause dangerous voltage spikes which might affect the TV. That's why it is always good to get a voltage regulator installed in your home to protect your TV against voltage spikes.

Dust it Off

A dusty environment has a chance to induce a short circuit. That can cause non-recoverable damage to the screen of TV. So always keep the television in a dust-free and clean surrounding.

Well, this is how you can enhance the lifespan of your TV by maintaining these simple tasks! Please comment below if you have found this writing helpful enough.

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