Samsung Outdoor AM300KXVAGH/EU Air Conditioner

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Samsung Outdoor AM300KXVAGH/EU Air Conditioner

- Dual Digital Inverter

- High Efficiency

- Smart Management

- Flexible Installation

- Comfortable and Reliable Operation

- New Commnication Protocol

World's Biggest Capacity

The world's largest and most compact DVM, but it's also powerful and highly energy efficient. So you can save costs and space, while providing more reliable coverage across larger areas.

More usable space – no compromise

Enhance airflow with smater, more efficient heating technology to cold weather environment. 

High Energy Efficiency

Decrease energy consumption and costs with a dual inverter system featuring simultaneous compressor operation for higher performance.

Flexible Installation

Ease installation and reduce labor costs with a lighweight design and extended piping length and elevation support. 

Year Round Climate Control

Enjoy a comfortable environment even in extreme climates with advanced temperature control with rapid cooling and heating performance. 

Smart Management

Monitor system performance effectively with convenient web-based data access and management anywhere.

Reliable Performance and Durability

Ensure dependable cooling and heating for all conditions with eather proofing and corrosion resistance. 

Picture of DVM S 360 Cassette
DVM S 360 Cassette

The World's First True Circular Cassette with an innovative 360 degree airflow ensures optimal air conditioning which also eliminates dead zones. Its full-circle design allows it to be placed beautifully in any setting. The 360 Cassette will have both black and white fascia panels available. The 360 Cassette comes in 2 distinct styles, a fully circle fascia panel and a square facia panel.

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Picture of 4 Way Cassette
4 Way Cassette

With its newly improved design, 4 Way Cassette supports a clean, aesthetically appealing atmosphere and adds a sense of sophistication to work and living spaces.

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Products specifications


Heat Pump



Power Input

Cooling Input: 36.40 kW

Heating Input: 29.30 kW

Current Input

Cooling Input: 70.50 (MCA)

Heating Input: 90

MCA: 3.70

MFA: 5.16



Nominal Cooling: N/A

Nominal Heating: N/A



Oil Type: Propeller

Initial Charge: 620.0 x 2 cc


External Dimension

Net Weight: 360 kg

Net Dimension (W x H x D): 1295 x 1795 x 765