Siemens iQ300 Condenser dryer - WT46E101GC - 7KG

Siemens iQ300 Condenser dryer - WT46E101GC - 7KG

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iSensoric condenser dryer with sensor-controlled autoDry technology for preventing laundry shrinkage and a 40-minute quick dry programme.


  • Capacity: 7 kg
  • Sensor-controlled autoDry technology 
  • softDry drum system 
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Excellent washing results and drying performance with iSensoric.

iSensoric, the intelligent, sensor-controlled technology enables a variety of highly automated features to exploit the full potential of your Siemens home appliances.

The washing machines with i-Dos or sensoFresh, for instance, analyze the laundry and treat it the way it should be treated. The selfCleaning condenser within dryers measures the running time and the amount of water extracted from the laundry. Depending on those factors, the condenser is cleaned fully automatically several times during the drying cycle – to keep the drying performance high and energy consumption low.


The principle

With condensation dryers, the warm, moist air is dried using a condenser. The condensed water is then collected in a separate container, which is easy to empty. For models with a drain set, the condensed water drains outdoors automatically via a hose. A filter protects the condenser against lint and can be removed and cleaned easily. Condensation dryers come with or without heat pump technology.

Never clean a condenser again. The

automatic self-cleaning system

Simply unique: Thanks to the innovative sensor-controlled automatic self-cleaning system, there is no more time-consuming cleaning of the condenser. During each drying cycle, the condenser is cleaned with condensation water produced by the laundry – automatically, thoroughly and even several times. This function ensures a lint-free condenser and thus constantly low energy consumption – for the life of your dryer.

The best temperature for the safest drying process. Low heat drying.

Low heat drying ensures that your clothes do not suffer any damage that high temperatures might inflict on them. The time of drying is extended, thus providing your clothes a suitable and safe temperature. This is suitable for all your delicate clothes as well.

Not built to meet expectations, but to exceed them.


Treat your laundry the best way possible – in the most beautiful way possible. With constant top performance and forward-looking aesthetics, down to the last detail. Enjoy unparalleled design and comfortable handling, for instance, thanks to the sloped frame for improved readability and better ergonomics. Be amazed by the effortless operation, from the handle-free doors to the exceptionally intuitive multiTouch LED display. Discover how laundry care can be a pleasure, and routine can be beautiful.

Drying that is especially soft and gentle: softDry drum system. 

This unique drum system ensures a constant airflow and stable temperature. The wave-like paddles stir the warm air, distributing the laundry more gently and efficiently than previously possible. The new, gentle-wash drum structure allows the laundry to glide over the drum as if floating on a cushion of air.


antiVibration sidewalls: Sound performance without any noise.


Incorporating a patented design, the antiVibration sidewall counteracts drum vibrations by increasing the housing stability. With its high-tech sensors, it constantly monitors the load balance. The intelligent antiVibration system uses this information to continually adjust the drum rotation to eliminate vibrations caused by imbalance.


Rapid40 Programme

Huge time saving: Shelf-dry laundry in just 40 minutes.

Gentle treatment thanks to optimized temperatures and appropriate cool-off phase.

Ideal if you have frequent but small loads of laundry.


The highest level, impressive

technology. Siemens dryers.

Perfectly dry clothing, soft towels – and this entirely without having to hang up wet laundry. Siemens offers you this luxury with an extensive line of different dryers. With their unique technical features, these innovative dryers are absolute pros when it comes to optimal, efficient laundry care. Stop working so hard and enjoy your new-found free time. Experience technology on the highest level and let yourself be fascinated by the unique programmes and functions. Such a highlight is the sensor-controlled autoDry technology with which all Siemens dryers are equipped. This impressive technology protects your laundry against shrinkage. Sensors continually measure the moisture of the laundry and the temperature in the drum. As soon as the laundry has reached the degree of dryness that you want, the dryer stops – if necessary even before the end of the actual running time. This saves time and energy and guarantees perfect results without shrinkage. Thus even fine textiles always remain as soft and comfortable as when you first wore them. Just as fascinating is super40, the first 40-minute drying programme from Siemens. It dries your laundry in just 40 minutes, perfectly and gently – thanks to optimized temperatures and an appropriate cool-off phase. Technology that keeps you breathless and is also highly efficient.

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Products specifications
• Technical Specifications Data


• Dimensions of the product (mm)- 842 x 598 x 601
• Type- Condensing
• Installation typology- Built-under
• Capacity (kg)- 7.0 kg
• Home Connect
• List of programmes- Additional programmes, Drying progr. whites/coloreds, Numb. drying prog. easy-care
• Digital countdown indicator
• Start delay options- No delay
• Door opening- Right
• Interior light
• Removable top
• Length electrical supply cord (cm)- 145.0 cm

Construction type

• Installation type- Free-standing
• Door opening- Right
• Drum material- Stainless steel
• Type- Condensing
• Installation typology- Built-under

Size and weight

• Capacity cotton (kg)- 7 kg
• Dimensions of the product (mm)- 842 x 598 x 601
• Drum volume (l)- 112 l
• Height with worktop (mm)- 819 mm
• Net weight (kg)- 42.0 kg


• Delicates cycle- Gentle
• anti-crease- 120 min
• Quick dry
• Adjustable drying temperature
• Programme options for drying- 20min warm, outdoor, Super 40


• Drying time selector
• Fluff filter
• Digital countdown indicator
• End of cycle indicator- Acoustic, LED
• Blocked filter indicator
• Full tank indicator
• Interior light
• Reverse tumble action
• Start delay options- No delay


• Connection Rating (W)- 2,600 W
• Length electrical supply cord (cm)- 145.0 cm
• Current (A)- 10 A
• Exhaust water pipe
• Frequency (Hz)- 50 Hz
• Plug type- GB plug
• Vent hose
• Vent hose length (cm)- 0.0 cm
• Location of venting exit- N/A
• Voltage (V)- 220-240 V

Safety & Convenience

• DUO-Tronic
• Active flow drying system: Big Stainless steel with textile care structure, soft design paddles
• LED programme progress indicator and service notes
• Fully electronic control dial for sensor drying programmes, timed and special programmes
• AntiVibration Design - More stability
• Drum interior light
• Protection filter for condensor
• Glass door, door hinge on right white
• Door hinge: right-hand
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