Basic Tips for Iron

Basic Tips for Iron

Basic Tips for Iron

1. Use the entire ironing board

Make use of all of the ironing board. If you have long items, put them landscape on the board.

The thinner end of the ironing board is also very useful. It's particularly good for getting to creases near armholes, collar or other critical places.  



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Use the right ironing technique

The perfect way to iron is in long, straight strokes.

Avoid wiggling the iron around too much. Otherwise, this may cause the fabric to stretch or new creases in the fabric, which will be tough to remove.

Ironing garments inside out 

You might notice a slight sheen on dark clothes post-ironing. This is caused by the heat of the iron.

A simple way to avoid this is by ironing inside out wherever possible. This will help protect the appearance of your garments and keep them looking great.

Hang up or fold your ironed items immediately

Keep a few hangers nearby whilst ironing and you'll be able to hang garments up right away. If you have items you don”t hang, fold them on a flat surface immediately and put to one side.

This will prevent clothes from getting more creases before you put them away.

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