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Curved TV Price in Bangladesh


How many of us can spare some extra time out of our busy schedule in order to get some entertainment in our everyday lifestyle. The only time we can manage to get ourselves entertained is when we are at home. When we talk about home entertainment, the first thing that comes to our mind without an exception is TV. It is hardly possible to find a home without TV anymore. Even people who live hand to mouth are found with a TV in their house with the purpose to entertain themselves and to stay connected to the whole outer world. Someone might wonder how a TV can allow someone to connect with the outside, let alone the whole world. When TV was first discovered, it had a sole purpose and it was to entertain people. But at today's time, TV has evolved to such a device through which we can learn about a culture that is situated on the other side of the world. Now we can feel how it feels to scuba dive under the deep blue sea, the excitement to skydive from a plane or the thrill to climb the highest hill top of any country from the very couch of our living room. This is the reason why every home owns a TV nowadays.


For these customers, branded companies are constantly providing TVs with high end technologies and modern features to cope up with their customers' ever changing demands. In this process, the customers are getting TVs with technologies and features which did not even come to their minds. Curved TV is one of these technologies that came to people not so long ago. Who would have thought that curved screens can be of any use and actually be more helpful than previous traditional designs of TVs. Of all the brands that are manufacturing curved TVs, Samsung is the one which is recognized and wanted by every customer. Samsung is a world famous brand and considered to be one of the top brands that provide Curved TVs. Their advanced technology is superior to other brands and the quality is much higher than any other TVs in the market. Samsung curved UHD TVs have specially gathered more attention than any other models or brands of this sort because of its superior features. Different models of Samsung UHD TVs are found with different price ranges for people of all classes of the society along with the brand warranty.


If anyone is going to purchase a Curved TV of Samsung brand, their first concern should be if the shop they are buying the TV from is providing them with the original product. Transcom digital is here to take that worry of yours away. Transcom digital being the authorized representative of Samsung brand has the capacity to provide our customer with original Samsung Curved TV with high quality. Transcom digital provides various other services to make sure the customers are getting the best experience while purchasing. Transcom digital also provides several payment methods for the customers’ convenience along with home delivery of the purchased product. You can also get the product by shipping within the two to three working weekdays depending on where the product is going to be delivered to.


Available various models of branded Curved TVs at


You will find Samsung Curved TVs of different models with different screen sizes at which gives you a long range of choices. You can choose which screen size you want based on the space and purpose you have.


40” – 49” Screen TV


Samsung brings you the Full HD Curved LED Smart TV with a 49” screen size in this category. This category is suitable for decent sized living rooms with a medium sized family. You are getting auto depth enhancer technology that allows you to experience different levels of contrast in outstanding depth. You are in for a wide field of view and ultra clean view that uses an advanced algorithm to make the quality equivalent to FHD even when its source format is not FHD. New Smart Hub feature allows you to control all the contents over an access point with internet access. It gives you easy access to all the contents of your smart device with Samsung Smart View App. The starting price of this category is 129,900BDT.


50” – 55” Screen TV


In this category, Samsung has a 55” Full HD Curved LED Smart TV that is suitable for any large living room and can entertain a large number of people of a large family. It comes with a wider viewing field and amazing FHD features that enhance the contrast in deeper levels to boost up your experience. You can enjoy enhanced color with superior image quality along with stronger and smarter performance with the Quad core processor. You are also getting Tizen that levels up your Smart TV performance by faster boot times and quick access to all the apps. You can also share your content through connecting USB and HDMI with your smart TV in no time with fast connectivity. The starting price for this category is 189,900BDT.


65” – 75” Screen TV


This category offers you with Samsung 65” SUHD and QLED TVs which are mostly used in commercial areas such as office spaces, shopping malls, and restaurants. With SUHD TV, you get quantum dot technology and bezel less 360 design that enhance your watching experience to a whole new level. Its UHD resolution with SUHD remastering engine automatically transforms the source video into SUHD resolution. With QLED you are getting next level features like Q color, Q contrast, Q HDR and much more that brings you the ultimate satisfaction of superior watching experience. The starting price for this category is 430,000BDT.


Offers and facilities


Transcom digital is always up for tasks to satisfy their customers’ needs to the fullest. Transcom digital provides 2 year panel warranty and 2 year after sale service with all Samsung Curved TVs they provide. You are also getting exclusive EMI offers to make payments according to your convenience. Transcom digital also provides you with offers targeted on occasions throughout the year such as Eid offer, Winter offer, Wedding offer and so on to brighten up your celebration.

 With all these choices from the worlds’ best Samsung brand, you are welcome to purchase the curved TV you desire at the best price in Bangladesh