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Upright Freezer Price in Bangladesh


Upright freezer is a smart and stylish looking freezer which is actually an advanced version of a chest freezer. The freezers that we normally see in most of the households in Bangladesh are chest freezers. A chest freezer typically has a shape of a big box or chest with a hinged lid which opens upwards. But, it is hard to organize the food items inside of a chest freezer because of the body structure. As it is box shaped, you will have to pile up one food item on the top of another. So, it will be a tiring task to search for food items when your freezer is full. Just imagine the scenario that your chest freezer is full and you will have to find the raw chicken which you had placed very deep inside the freezer price in Bangladesh. You must be already tired only by having the thought about the scenario. Well, now you will not have to face a problem like this with your freezer. As a solution to this kind of a problem, there are upright freezers in the market. Upright freezer price in Bangladesh is designed to resemble refrigerator units. So, say bye to the tiring food hunt. You can organize your food items easily without bending down. Also, you can save space in your kitchen if you buy an upright freezer. As the body structure of an upright freezer is like a refrigerator, it will occupy less space unlike a chest freezer Price in Bangladesh. But, the only problem is that upright freezers have much higher prices than chest freezers.


Make a modern and energy-efficient change to your kitchen with world famous Hitachi, Whirlpool, Transtec or Samsung Freezer. Keep your food frozen and preserved without any hassle. All our freezer models comprise a unified blend between art and technology. Equipped with 100% copper condensers & latest cooling technology, the freezers are built with features that are unrivaled and designed for durability, giving you the freedom to store and reserve all the food.


Types of freezer


There are 3 types of freezer they are Chest Freezer, Upright Freezer, Undercounter Freezer.

Chest Freezer


These types of freezers are much longer and wider. The inside of these freezers is

very wide which makes it possible to keep a lot of things. Also in such models the inside is like a basket on one side so that the small things can be kept separately. And a large part of the large amount of frozen items can be kept.


Upright Freezer


These types of freezers look a bit like small refrigerators. But they have only one

door and there is not much space inside. Inside this model is an adjustable rack drawer which will be very helpful in organizing food. The freezers of this model are very perfect for small families.


Undercounter Freezer


These types of freezers are usually found in various restaurants, bakeries or shops.

These are freezers used in business. These models are much larger in size. But

there is not much design inside. But there is a lot of space which allows a lot of things to be arranged.


Now before buying a freezer we should consider some important things. So let's talk about the most important things before buying a freezer.




Before buying a freezer or any household item, we must check its size. It should be

bought considering the size of the house and considering the size of the freezer needed in a big or small family. So before buying a freezer make sure about the size. 




Be sure to look at your budget before buying a freezer. Before choosing a freezer, it

is important to keep in mind its features as well as whether you can afford it. Not only that, there are much more costs you have after buying a freezer. So these are important things you should keep in mind.


Energy efficiently


You know that the freezer needs to keep running constantly. So it takes a lot of energy. So, before buying a freezer you should know about the energy efficiently. You should choose an energy efficient freezer so that it can help to reduce more electricity bills.


Temperature and Climate Classification


It's okay if you place your freezer in the kitchen or on the side of the house, but only if you plan on where the temperature fluctuates, be sure to note how the freezer can withstand the temperature. Some freezers are made considering all

its temperature. But there are some models that may not be at all temperatures. So it is very important to buy a freezer considering the temperature.


Noise Level


All freezers have sound. Some have a lot of sound and some have less. If you keep a freezer where you spend all your time, then you must buy a freezer that has less sound. Before buying you should check out user reviews of the different models you consider.


Blackout Performance


Before buying a freezer, you must notice its blackout performance. This means how cold it is inside the freezer whenever there is a power outage. Before buying

consider this. This feature keeps the food fresh and odorless. A good blackout freezer can save you from soiled, smelly food and an unpleasant cleaning task.

The best reputation for blackout performance has Chest freezers. If there’s much chance of your household encountering regular power failures, a chest freezer is your best choice.

Manual or Self-Defrost


Before buying you should know about Manual and Self-Defrost functions. Everything from cleaning to manual freezer has to be done by hand. But self-defrosting freezers save you the trouble. They usually cost more, but they offer greater convenience and improved energy efficiency.


Extra Features to Consider


There are so many other features like Freezer locks, Soft freeze, Dial thermostat,

Combination refrigerator/freezer etc. If you have small children in your family, it is better to take a locker freezer. If you like to eat ice cream, But when you put it in the freezer, it becomes very hard, then the soft freezer function is for you. It keeps the ice part very soft. A dial thermostat is very important, it helps you stay aware of how cold your freezer is and more easily control the temperature you want it to be at. A combination refrigerator/freezer can give you a big space where you can

store lots of food. It’s a very important thing for a big family. If you have a

big family then you should consider a combination refrigerator/freezer.


Upright Freezer Price in Bangladesh


Now if you are interested in buying an original upright freezer price in Bangladesh of a reliable brand, then you must visit transcomdigital.com. In Transcom Digital, you will find authorized branded products with warranty. Well, there are not too many brands that offer upright freezers in the market. There are two brands available in this category in Transcom Digital starting from Tk. 88,99 BDT.


Available Authorized Upright Freezer Brands at Transcom Digital


Save space in your kitchen by buying a stylish upright freezer. In Transcom Digital, Samsung upright freezers and Siemens upright freezers are available now. Simply visit the website and choose the best fitted freezer for your kitchen.


Samsung Upright Freezer


Samsung is one of the most renowned and reliable brands. The company has a variety of electronic products in different categories. Samsung always comes up with new technologies and amazing features to upgrade their products and give something new to their customers. Samsung upright freezer prices in Bangladesh have a very elegant outlook. Flat & cabinet fit design constructs a harmonious look that enhances the beauty of your entire kitchen. It appears to fit the exterior of your existing furniture perfectly, and it's plain front doesn't stick out. So, now you can open the door easily and use the drawers without being blocked by the sidewall. The starting price of a Samsung Upright freezer online BD at 89,900 BDT only.


The freezers have a large capacity of 330 L. Samsung Upright freezers have no frost technology. No Frost technology amplifies air circulation to keep a steady temperature in every corner, which disallows frost and ice from building up. It

also achieves the specified temperature much more quickly, increasing the durability of the cooling system. It's all-around cooling system keeps track of

any variation in temperature. Cold air is carried out at each shelf tier through various vents to generate a multi-directional airflow. It keeps the temperature stable and the food remains fresher. The power freeze feature quickly reduces the temperature of the freezer to keep food fresh when new products are added. There is a slim ice maker constructed into the door which requires less space. So, by freeing up room on the racks, it provides you precious additional storage space.


Siemens Upright Freezer


Siemens is a widely known German brand as its existence in the market is more than a century old. They are good at targeting very particular customer needs and building their products to satisfy the aim accordingly. To maintain high standards, Siemens always adopts new technology to reduce energy consumption. Siemens upright freezers have efficient cooling and optimum energy balance with amazing features. The price of Siemens Upright freezer price in Bangladesh starts from 1, 24,900 BDT only. The freezers have a large capacity of 346 L. Siemens upright freezers have FreshSense technology. The temperature shifts inside the refrigerator because of frequent opening of the refrigerator price in Bangladesh doors. FreshSense's intelligent sensors react as quickly as changes in temperature take over control of cooling. The freezers also have no frost technology. The technology transfers humidity from the freezer compartment through a ventilation system. As a consequence, the air stays dry.


This avoids the formation of frost on the inside of the device or on your food.

There is a supper cooling button to rapidly decrease the temperature in the

freezer to + 2 ° C. This helps to prevent an unwanted increase in the temperature of your frozen food every time you add food which is not as cold. Multi airflow system ensures a stable air circulation inside the freezer evenly. Recently put food inside is quickly cooled and the quality of fresh food is better maintained.


Offers and other facilities


Transcom Digital always provides great offers on upright freezer prices in Bangladesh; such as Eid offers, Wedding offers, winter offers, flat discount offers, exchange offers along with various EMI offers for easy purchase. Also, the company provides 3 to 10 years compressor warranty, 1 years spare parts warranty and 2 years of after sale services depending on different branded Freezers. Transcom Digital ensures an easy and convenient shopping experience from home. So, visit transcomdigital.com and buy the best suited freezer that matches with your lifestyle.


In the end, Transcom Digital always tries to make you delighted through their offers and services. Now, buy the original upright freezer from there and enjoy some extra space in your kitchen.