Things that affect your Air Conditioning

Things that affect your Air Conditioning

Things that affect your Air Conditioning


Your Room’s Size


The amount of air that is needed to cool down the room depends on the room’s size. So, measure your room before you buy an AC.


    Number of People in the room

Sometimes the AC in the room does not work properly because the number of people in the room exceeds its capacity. Every person emits heat and air conditioner needs to cool it also. That’s why you will have to keep in mind that the room you are trying to cool, will that be populated all the time like office room and conference room or not. In this case, one might have to buy a larger AC then its room’s capacity.


    The number of Furniture in the Room

Every item kept in the room will have to be cooled by the air conditioner to provide you the comfortable cooling environment you desire.  So less the stuff is in the room, faster the cooling will be and lesser the electricity air conditioner will consume.


    Electrical Appliances in the Room

Most electrical appliances discharge heat, especially lights. So you should not put too many electrical appliances near to the Air Conditioner. Give it a little breathing space.


    The number of the Windows

The number and the placement of the windows in your room also affect your AC. The more windows in the room, the more heat coming from outside. Well-insulated windows reduce cooling load.


The points mentioned above will always determine the perfect capacity of the AC you need to cool your room down smoothly considering your Ac’s health.

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