Use hair dryer perfectly, Without damaging your lovely hair

Use hair dryer perfectly, Without damaging your lovely hair


Use hair dryer perfectly

Without damaging your lovely hair

We all use hair-dryer but most of us do not know the proper way to use it. Here are some tips on how you should dry your hair using a Hair-Dryer and make it look healthy and shiny!

Do not use Hair Dryer immediately after shower

First, let your hair dry for 15 minutes or remove the excess moist from your hair before using the hair-dryer.

 Go easy on leave-in lotions or serums

Products, especially oils and heavy creams, slow down drying time drastically. So use something super-light like a spray for just your ends.

 Take the brush fits you

Stylists recommend Hair Dryer’s heat creates enough tension on the cuticle of the hair to stretch it out. So choose right brushes which have better control over your hair’


Use the nozzle

These days, all hair-dryers come with this attachment calls concentrators helps the hot air concentrate directly onto your hair. Attach the nozzle horizontally onto your hair dryer, and then use your brush to guide it in a downward motion as you dry.


Keep your distance

Blow-dry your hair from at least 8 inches away.


Blow-dry every individual hair strand

Maintaining the proper distance, use the hair dryer on every hair Strand from the roots to the ends. This technique provides smooth layers, which are the basis for healthy, shiny, and well-protected hair.


Move your Hair Dryer constantly

You should keep the hair-dryer moving constantly to avoid applying too much heat in a single spot.


Always use a heat protectant.

You can use heat protectant products that will help to prevent blow-drying damage.


The glowing, healthy and shiny look you experience in your hair after your stylist used a hair dryer is never the same with the result of drying hair at home. Actually, all you need is to use your hair-dryer properly. So, if you use your hair-dryer maintaining these rules, you may get the parlor like finishing in your hair.



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