Vacuum Cleaner Tricks to Keep Up Your Sleeve

Vacuum Cleaner Tricks to Keep Up Your Sleeve

Vacuum Cleaner Tricks to Keep Up Your Sleeve

Cleaning the skinniest spots

There are some spots in our home that are so narrow that our Vacuum cleaners nozzle can’t reach. In that case, hold a toilet paper tube or a cardboard over the nozzle and squish it into the narrow space.

Make the home smell fresh

Throw a dryer sheet into your vacuum’s trash bag. Now when your vacuum runs, the light scent from the sheet will breeze through the air and will make the room smell fresh.

Remove stinky, shedding pet odor

If you have stinky, shedding pets, add a bit cinnamon to your vacuum bag. The sweetly scented spice will help to cover up any pet odors that might linger in your machine and emit the stuffy smell when you vacuum

Choosing perfect brush makes dusting way easier.


There are many attachments come with a vacuum cleaner and each attachment has a purpose. If you choose the “Dusting Brush”, it will be way easier to cleaning complicated dusty place or things like lampshades, books, picture or mirror.

Smelly Vacuuming jobs with baking soda


The spots that are difficult or impossible to throw in the washing machine like rugs or mattress, can be cleaned easily by Baking Soda. First, sprinkle Baking Soda on the place and leave that for 30 minutes. It will absorb any odor and then vacuum it.

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