Washing Machine is now Smarter and more Flexible!

Washing Machine is now Smarter and more Flexible!

Washing Machine is now Smarter

And more Flexible!

These days the trend is, doing everything smartly. First Smartphone, then Smart TV and now Samsung has come up with a very smart washing machine which they call Samsung Addwash.


How is it smarter and flexible

This Washing Machine is smarter because you control it through your Mobile! And it is more flexible as you can enjoy the advantages of 3 doors in different ways. And these two attributes of this washing machine helps you in different situations.


Suppose you are busy in doing house-hold works and you have to wash clothes also!

Turn On the Washing Machine and put your clothes in to start washing

But you found some clothes that you need to add!


You can pause the cycle immediately through Smart Phone!


Add the forgotten clothes whenever you want


Even you can get alarms on your smartphone when rinsing starts


So, now you don’t have to be worried about washing clothes in washing machine even if you forget to put some in as you can add them anytime during the washing process through its flexible doors. And you can also control the washing machine through your Smart Phone which makes it an extraordinary machinery! 



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