Your Tv can feel the Weather!

Your Tv can feel the Weather!

Do you Know?

Your TV can feel the Weather!


The way we sweat in hot weather and shiver in cold, our TV also feels the same. Each type of weather makes a different impact on the TV. Such as, 

If the TV’s place is under conditions of high temperature and humidity, your TV’s lifetime can be shortened.



When your TV is used at a low temperature of 10°C or lower, it will affect the response time and brightness. And for that, the proper display may not be obtained.



The product may be also affected by the drastic fluctuation of temperature (hot to cold or cold to hot). Specifically, drastic temperature fluctuation from cold to hot produces dew on the surface which may affect the operation of the polarizer and product.


That’s why It is better to use the TV at room temperature and humidity in order to maintain it's optimum performance.

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