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People look for cool features, impressive specifications, and a stylish outlook to match their lifestyle while buying a fridge. And we know that it is not easy to make the decision about which fridge you should buy and the task seems even more difficult when there is a budget constraint. It will be a tiring journey to walk from store to store and search for the perfect fridge. In this case, Transcom Digital can help you to find your fridge price in Bangladesh without even breaking a sweat. Transcom Digital brings a great number of brands of fridges in Bangladesh and all of them are original and authorised. The brands are Samsung, Hitachi, Transtec, and Whirlpool. So, visit and say bye to your worries & difficulties.


Some important things to keep in mind before buying a Refrigerator

Buying a refrigerator is a big deal. If you make the wrong decision, you'll have to live with it for years. So, before buying a refrigerator you should keep some important things in mind like Capacity, Space, Defrosting, Types of refrigerators, Energy rating, Compressors, Additional features, etc.



Before buying a refrigerator you should think about capacity. A refrigerator's capacity is in liters. For a couple with one child, a 100 to 250-litre refrigerator should be good enough. A larger family of five to six people, you might want to go for 300 to 500-litre. And a family of four consisting of two adults and two children, a 250 to the 350-liter fridge is enough. Large families of seven to eight people will require a big refrigerator with a capacity of anywhere between 550 to 850 liters.


Space is the most important thing before buying a refrigerator. You should buy a refrigerator depending on how much space you have in your home. Make sure the refrigerator of your choice matches the size of your room



2 types of Compressors you should check before buying a refrigerator. These are the General compressor and the Inverter compressor. General compressors start off at very high speeds and then continue running at a constant speed and Inverter compressors sense that they can run at varying speeds depending on the amount of cooling that is required.


Types of refrigerators

Before buying a refrigerator, notice what type of refrigerator you want to buy. There are different types of refrigerators such as double door, single door, triple door, side by side, and mini-refrigerator. Single door refrigerators are mostly direct cool in nature. But nowadays there are many companies introducing a digital auto defrost option on their models. On the other side, a double-door fridge has a capacity of 200 to 500 liters. These refrigerators are also built to use less energy and are always frost-free in nature. These models are energy efficient. Triple door refrigerators are slimmer and taller than other models. They are great for homes with less floor space with capacities of 250 to 350 liters.


Other Factors

Before buying a refrigerator you should check defrosting, energy rating, etc etc. If you check all this and buy a refrigerator, I hope there will be no problem.


Avoid some stuff before buying a refrigerator

It is better to buy electronics after checking. Otherwise, you will suffer for the rest of your life. Because buying electronics is not an easy task. Also, buying a good-quality refrigerator is not an easy task. Before buying a refrigerator you should avoid some stuff like Buying the wrong style, perfect models, Forgetting to check the fit, perfect storage, and capacity. If you buy the wrong style of the refrigerator, you will not be able to fit the refrigerator according to the structure of your home. So buy the perfect style refrigerator according to the structure of the house, not only that it is also very important to check whether there is perfect storage and capacity.


Fridge Price in Bangladesh


Before buying your fridge, you should know which type of fridge you need, because various models of fridge prices in Bangladesh are available online to buy. So first you can compare the price and quality of different types of fridges. Based on the frosting system of a fridge bought online, there are two categories in Transcom Digital: Frost Fridge and Non-Frost Fridge.

Frost Fridge Price in Bangladesh

The temperature distribution is uneven inside this type of fridge as the natural rotation of cool air passes without any external control over the temperature. Due to uneven refrigeration, you may encounter a problem. There will be a collection of frost inside the fridge. This kind of fridge might have a drawback but the good thing about it is that the price is budget friendly.

Non-Frost Fridge Price in Bangladesh

The problem of experiencing a collection of frost inside the fridge has been solved with the help of new Non-frost technology. Through electric fans, the even distribution of cool air is possible inside the fridge. The invention of this technology has made it easy for the users to maintain theirs. So, from now on there will be no need to worry about the frosting ice inside the fridge.

Based on the position of the freezer, there are two categories- top mount fridge and bottom mount. A frost fridge can be both top mount and bottom mount and the same goes for the non-frost fridge.

Top Mount Fridge Price in Bangladesh

Top Mount Fridges have the mainstream design which has a freezer unit on the top portion of the fridge. If you are looking for something very affordable, A Top Mount Fridge is the one. The starting price of this category is 28,400 BDT only.

Bottom Mount Fridge Price in Bangladesh

Unlike a top mount fridge, the freezer unit of a bottom mount fridge in BD is designed to be on the bottom portion of the fridge. The freezer unit is larger than a usual freezer unit of a top mount fridge. These fridges have a more stylish and sophisticated outlook. The starting price of this category is 36,900 BDT only.

There are also some types of fridges out there that fall in the category of no-frost fridges. Their classification basically differs based on their designs. Such as

  • Side by Side Fridges: These models of fridges contain two doors that are placed side by side unlike top mount or bottom mount fridges.
  • Multiple Door Fridges: These designs are more stylish and complicated than other models as they have more than two doors in their designs. Mostly the freezer is located at the bottom and the upper portion of the fridge contains two doors for cooling.


Available Various Types of Authorized Branded Fridge at

Being the authorized representative of renowned brands such as Samsung, Hitachi, Transtec, Whirlpool, and Siemens and more fridges and freezers in Bangladesh, is always ready to serve you with various types of fridges with different designs and specifications to fit your needs. Transcom Digital offers you the best Fridge price in Bangladesh with a huge line of fine products with the best quality. As the representative of renowned brands, gives you the assurance of providing all the original products and the best refrigerator price in BD available. This electronics company is now offering various models of branded companies such as Samsung, Hitachi, Transtec, Whirlpool, and Siemens. These brands cover all the types of refrigerators there are to meet the needs of their customers giving a huge array of products to choose from. These types of refrigerator prices in Bangladesh such as top mount, bottom mount, side by side, multi-door, chest, and upright refrigerators are directed to specific needs. Let’s see the various brands, types, and models of refrigerators available at


Samsung Fridge in Bangladesh

If you are more comfortable with renowned brands that are trusted by millions of customers then Samsung is the best choice for you. Samsung is one of the first liner brands manufacturing electronics including fridges with high-end technologies. They are providing their customers with a huge variety of products to choose from. Samsung fridge models that are available in Transcom Digital have a starting price of 36,900 BDT only. Samsung offers different warranty options for different models. Samsung provides 5 years to 10 years compressor warranty.

  • Samsung Bottom Mount Refrigerators: Samsung has Frost Bottom mount Refrigerator starting price is 36,900BDT of 218L and 125L capacity with the ability to work with less noise, longer time period and more freezer space.
  • Side by Side Refrigerators: Samsung’s side by side refrigerator prices in Bangladesh are really stylish and large with the features like digital inverter technology, convertible freezer, twin cooling, smart sensors, and food showcase and many more depending on different models. Commonly, their capacity is more than 600L. Starting price is 151,900BDT.


Hitachi Fridge in Bangladesh

Hitachi is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to fridge prices in Bangladesh. It has established a popular brand name by providing great quality products along with stylish designs. It has introduced many new models to its product line to meet the customer’s demand to fulfill their needs at length. The starting price of Hitachi fridges is 49,000 BDT only. To the highest, the brand provides a 10 years compressor warranty.


  • Hitachi Top Mount Refrigerators: Hitachi is popular for its No-Frost Top Mount Refrigerators because of features like dual fan cooling, eco thermal sensor, inverter control, and Nano thermo sensor. They have the capacity of 382L, 415L, 565L, and a few more to match the customers' needs with a starting price of 49,000BDT.
  • Hitachi Bottom Mount Refrigerators: Hitachi’s Bottom Mount Refrigerators come with features like powerful cooling, a Nano thermal sensor, and a Flat glass door with a starting price of 76,900BDT.
  • Hitachi Side by Side Refrigerators: Hitachi has a name for their stylish-looking side-by-side refrigerator bought online with features like eco monitoring system, touch screen controller, dual-fan cooling, and much more. They have a capacity of 615L, 586L, 550L, and a few more with a starting price of 154,000BDT.
  • Hitachi Multi Door Refrigerators: Multi-Door Refrigerator prices in Bangladesh are the specialty of Hitachi with features of inverter X: dual fan cooling, eco thermal sensor, and touch screen controller. They have refrigerators with the capacity of 456L, 586L, 650L, 722L, and a few more with the starting price of 121,000BDT.



Transtec Fridge in Bangladesh

Transtec is relatively new to the field compared to other renowned brands in the market but still, it has created a popular name for itself for the quality and service it provides along with its original products to ensure customer satisfaction to the fullest. It has offered its customers various affordable choices. The starting price of the fridge in Bangladesh this brand is 28,400 BDT only. Many of their Fridges have an 8 years compressor warranty.

  • Transtec Top Mount Refrigerators: Transtec provides Frost Top Mount Refrigerator price in BD with features like energy saving, low power consumption, CFC free, curve glass, and quick freezing. They have a wide range of capacities such as 171L, 230L, and 269L with the starting price of 28,400BDT.


Whirlpool Fridge in Bangladesh

Whirlpool is a widely renowned name in the electronics market and highly trusted by the customers as well for the services and offers they provide. They are also very much recognized for their unique design and innovative technology which distinguish their products from any other brands out there. At Transcom Digital, the starting price of Whirlpool Fridges is 37,500 BDT only. They provide 5 years to 10 years compressor warranty based on the fridge models.

  • Top Mount Refrigerators: Whirlpool provides Top Mount Refrigerators with 6th sense technology, FreshflowTM Flexi-vents with anti-bacterial filters, Flexi freezer price in Bangladesh, and many other features. They have refrigerators with the capacity of 265L, 292L, 360L, and a few more with the starting price of 37,500BDT.
  • Side by Side Refrigerators: Whirlpool’s Side by Side refrigerator price in BD provides features like TRUeview lights and feather touch panel with the capacity of 603L. Their starting price is 135,000BDT.

Siemens Fridge Price in Bangladesh

Siemens is relatively a much older brand compared to other companies but not many fridge models are manufactured with this brand name. They target very specific customer needs and build their products accordingly to meet the target. There are not many choices with this brand fridge price in BD but the quality is ensured for their customers. Transcom Digital has only brought Siemens Upright Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh which costs 1, 24,900 BDT only.

Offers and other facilities

Transcom Digital is the best place for you if you are looking for the best deals on refrigerator prices in Bangladesh along with the services like compressor warranty, after-sale service, and much more. This renowned company also provides several offers during festivals and other occasions such as Eid offers, winter offers, wedding offers, and the list so on. One of the most popular offers is an exchange offer. Besides, you will get after-sales service, warranty, EMI facilities, and Shohoj Kisti (EMI option).

This place is the place you should go when buying original and branded products that you want.