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Iron price in Bangladesh

Every person loves to show him/herself as good looking or appealing to others eyes. Outfit plays a great role here. The outfit can dramatically change one's look and clothing is the main part of the outfit. As the wrinkle-free fabrics are a sign of neatness and dedication, Ironing cloth or fabric is very important. People from all over the world prefer wearing wrinkle-free attire and this could be possible only by ironing the fabrics regularly. In this situation an iron is a must have home appliance for every home.

Normally people use an iron machine to press their clothes and make them wrinkle free. Traditional iron machine does not produce any steam of its own, which means you have to rely on the garment to produce any or to sprinkle water on it. An iron does not have a water tank in its design as steamers have. It features the generation that makes ironing faster. As a result, wrinkles get removed quickly enough in the fastest times.

For a chic and sophisticated look, uniforms, formal or casual wear and all apparel made of cotton need to be regularly ironed. Ironing clothes is such an integral part of our daily routine that it is imperative to invest in a well-functioning and robust iron machine. An iron will ensure that each and every type of fabric can be ironed quite easily. Moreover, with the help of customized settings, you will be able to easily get the ironing job done of any kind of fabric as well.

Black & Decker Dry Iron is designed for easy crease removal every day. Just press your clothes on a plain surface and see how quickly and automatically wrinkles go over with the movement of the iron head. This dry iron comes with an adjustable handle for easy and efficient daily use. Sanford and Philips branded Iron machines also have reputations. You can consider buying from these three brands for a long lasting service.

Philips Iron Classic is ideal for this purpose. It has very low maintenance requirements and you can use it daily without any hassles.

If you like to wear iron clothes frequently, then an iron like Black & Decker Steam Iron, Philips Steam Iron GC2998 and Sanford Dry Iron can be very useful for you. The removal of the wrinkles for heavier fabric is easy with such models. On the contrary, for the iron, you have to use the pressure to remove the wrinkles.


Either for home use or office, the iron price in Bangladesh is the best in this kind. Transcom digital brings some top branded  irons in their home appliance collection with a reasonable price range.

Generally, irons are lighter than steam irons. The heavyweight iron boxes were popular in the ancient days. With the technological boost, there are different brands for lightweight models that offer perfect ironing. The use of iron must be paid attention to before selecting the right model. When you look at the soleplate of the iron, it is completely solid. The soleplate of a dry iron is very easy to clean.

You might think that purchasing an iron is simple and easy; however, it is not that easy; there are over a thousand models of irons on the market of numerous brands/manufacturers. Buy only the best quality Philips, Sanford or Black & Decker iron price in Bangladesh from Transcom digital for getting ultimate service from your Iron.

Using a dry iron consistently often leads to deposition of limescale deposits due to the presence of calcium carbonate. For this reason, it is essential to clean the iron timely. But, a model that has the inbuilt anti-limescale feature will be long-lasting.

Want a fast and effective ironing solution? The iconic Sanford/ Philips iron helps to speed up your ironing with speed shaped Aluminum soleplate for guaranteed fast and efficient cloth ironing.


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