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Bangladesh is a country of weather where we can find so many clouds of dust. That's why we need to take extra care of our home and environment also. Once upon a time, we faced many hassles to properly clean our home but now with the advent of technology like vacuum cleaners, it makes our life easy and peaceful. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, we can clean the room's edge properly. Transcom digital has showcased the variety of the vacuum cleaner at th. various price ranges. Transcom Digital is the authorized distributor of Samsung, Phillips, Sanford and Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner. All of these products can be found at


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Tips for use of vacuum cleaners easily

  • Cleaning the skinniest spots: There are some spots in our home that are so narrow that our Vacuum cleaners nozzle can’t reach. In that case, hold a toilet paper tube or a cardboard over the nozzle and squish it into the narrow space.
  • Make the home smell fresh: Throw a dryer sheet into your vacuum’s trash bag. Now when your vacuum runs, the light scent from the sheet will breeze through the air and will make the room smell fresh.
  • Remove stinky, shedding pet odor: If you have stinky, shedding pets, add a bit of cinnamon to your vacuum bag. The sweetly scented spice will help to cover up any pet odors that might linger in your machine and emit the stuffy smell when you vacuum.
  • Choosing the perfect brush makes dusting way easier: There are many attachments that come with a vacuum cleaner and each attachment has a purpose. If you choose the “Dusting Brush”, it will be way easier to clean complicated dusty places or things like lampshades, books, pictures or mirrors.


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