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Kitchen Appliances price in Bangladesh

Having the right kitchen appliances saves a lot of time and energy. Our lifestyle is constantly changing with the development of automation even though it has touched our personal care products. Day by day new kitchen appliances are making our life easier than in the past. To make your life easier and Keep you updated with modern kitchen appliances Transcom digital brings various models of reputed branded kitchen appliances with affordable prices.

 In winter or a hot summer day, a vacuum flask is a must-have kitchen item. In addition to the changing seasons, to keep hot water to prepare hot drinks like tea or coffee, and to make liquid foods for your newly born baby or aged person of your family, the demand for a vacuum flask is very high. The vacuum flask was invented by Scottish scientist Sir James Dewar in 1892. Through the need for this insulated Jug like container James Dewar invented the vacuum flask, which became a common household item later. The flask was later developed using new materials such as glass and aluminum.

The Sanford vacuum flask price in Bangladesh is not more than 2500 taka but it will keep your liquid hot & cool and refreshing all day long. The Sanford vacuum flask is like a super-insulated jug. Most models of it have an inner chamber and an outer plastic or metal case separated by two layers of glass with a vacuum in between. The glass is usually lined with a reflective metal layer. There's also a tight, screw-down stopper on the available both in matte and polished stainless steel, and the lid features a smart strap, which means you can carry the flask for outdoor use. And it's functional: the mouthpiece is easy to take off and put on, without spilling a drop.

Transcom digital brings various models of Sanford branded vacuum flask. This Thermo Flasks has 1 litre to 2.5 litre Hot and cold liquid storage capacity. Unbreakable inner and outer shells ensure long lasting uses of these products. All the flasks are made with Hygienic material and easy to clean. Washable anti-calc. The filter gives you clear water, thus clearer drinks. Perfect for storing hot and cold liquid milk, tea, coffee or even fresh water.

Sanford branded vacuum flask is marked as the top-rated home appliance among all available vacuum flask models in Bangladesh. This flask has come up with the latest features. The advanced Technology and its trendy architecture not only looks splendid but does a wonderful job certainly dominating the vacuum flask market. For years Sanford branded vacuum flask has boosted expectations on how a lifestyle item should be.

In case of slight changes in temperature in different weather and seasons, it can affect the physical conditions of a newborn baby or aged person of your family as they need to take fresh and newly made food from time to time. If we have a vacuum flask in our home then it will be very easy to prepare any liquid foods for them. Its advanced technology measures the temperature on the inside and the outside of the flask and keeps hot liquids hot and vice versa. As soon as a weather change occurs, the vacuum flask immediately counter steers to ensure your food stays fresh for as long as possible. Not all vacuum flasks are the same to provide you the best service for a long period. So, buy the Original Sanford branded vacuum flask online from Transcom digital and enjoy the tension free life with this lifestyle product.

Buy the Best Kitchen Appliances in Bangladesh

Modern technology is used to minimize the hassle in the kitchen with advanced kitchen appliances like Microwave ovens. Micro Ovens are the most used and important kitchen appliances. You can do almost all cooking tasks like re-heat, baking, grilling and preparing various foods! You can buy three types of the microwave oven at those are solo, grill, and convection Microwave Oven.

When you have only 24 hours in a day, you have to be very careful about your time, especially cooking time. Microwave ovens can be pretty handy in time saving situations with no compromising of the taste of the foods. Microwave ovens are also known for less nutrition value loss of the regular cooked foods.

Solo Microwave Oven price in BD: Solo Microwave ovens are the basic micro oven that helps you to heat up or defrost any food items instantly. It helps us quickly reheat foods for all, especially for newborn babies and aged persons of our family.

Grill Microwave Oven price in BD: Grill Microwave Oven generally used to grill any beef or chicken steak besides its common feature of reheating foods. It helps to cook food tenderly like tandoori or chicken grilled in a restaurant.

Convection Microwave Oven price in BD

A Convection Microwave Oven is the combination of solo, grill and convection oven. You can do almost all cooking jobs with this. Transcom digital is the authorized seller of Whirlpool and Samsung brand Microwave Oven. Whirlpool ovens have European Crisp Pan Accessory. It is the Oven with True Forced Air jet start.

Are you looking for the best alternative to a gas stove or burner within the limited budget? Family members have increased so the cooking items may be starting to appear daunting only with the help of a gas stove alone? Buy the world famous Whirlpool Microwave Oven from Transcom digital.

Almost every model has a temperature control system which is adjustable per the requirements. The LED timer display on top helps to keep track of the cooking time. Glass finished displays for showcasing different functions are clearly visible. Also the surface is easy to wipe dirt in a flash of moment. The see through the front door helps to check the cooking process thoroughly. Slick and clean design for better visual and the color black goes with various types of kitchen decors smoothly.

Day by day, Microwave ovens are becoming an essential part of the home kitchens of Bangladesh. By proper management, a microwave oven can save both time and energy in an efficient way in the kitchen. It can also be a stress reliever because of the safety technology smartly designed for home kitchens. So when will you also be a part of the Microwave oven community?

Electric Blender / Juicers price in BD

Fresh juice is always a desirable drink in all seasons but the process to make it is very complicated and tiresome. Transcom digital has a great collection of all kinds of original blenders and juicers of the best brands so that you can enjoy fresh juice any time!

Toaster or Sandwich Maker Price in BD

For ensuring a healthy breakfast for all of your family members every morning, a Toaster or Sandwich Maker can be the best companion for you in this connection. These handy kitchen appliances really help you to quickly prepare breakfast within a short time. Nowadays advanced & smart technology has been used in Toasters and Sandwich Makers.

Why Transcom Digital for buying kitchen appliances in Bangladesh?

Transcom Digital always puts the interest of the consumers prior to everything by providing best quality kitchen appliances in Bangladesh. A wide range of popular handy kitchen products are available. They offer top branded and genuine kitchen appliances from reputed brands with official warranty. A wide range of popular vacuum flasks, Toaster, Sandwich Maker, Blenders, Grinders, Microwave Ovens are available at their showroom with the advanced technology and smart features. They pave the way for consumers to buy the world famous kitchen products with an extended warranty and after sales service without paying any extra charge. Transcom Digital always tries to keep prices reasonable for their respected customers and all models are available across their nationwide showrooms.