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Microwave Oven price in Bangladesh

A microwave oven is a very popular kitchen appliance that heats and cooks food by the use of microwave radiation technology in a very quick time and maintains the exact nutrients in food. Normally, Microwave ovens are used for reheating earlier cooked foods and cooking a different variety of foods. A conventional gas stove or oven heats food very slowly from the outside in, but a microwave oven does vice versa, it uses tiny, high-powered radio waves to cook food more evenly from inside out.

The microwave oven is a kitchen appliance that has revolutionized modern home kitchens. It is designed and primarily used to quickly heat foods, and is most convenient for otherwise time-consuming tasks such as melting butter or heating water. While it was originally used in commercial kitchens, it is now most popular in homes and the workplace.   

Modern technology is used to minimize the hassle in the kitchen. Using an oven one can do almost all cooking tasks like re-heat, baking, grill and prepare various foods! Based on cooking features and facilities there are three types of microwave oven: solo, grill, and convection Microwave Oven.

Microwave ovens are faster than conventional ovens for cooking and reheating. Some vitamins are retained when food is cooked in the microwave rather than when it is cooked in a regular gas stove or oven, because longer cooking times destroy beneficial nutrients in food. Microwave ovens only use electricity, not gas, charcoal or oil, which reduces their carbon footprint and eliminates environmental pollution. Electric Microwaves do not brown foods, especially proteins. Dangerous organisms have less time to thrive on food that is cooked in the microwave because the food is brought to a high temperature quickly and can be served right away.

When you have only 24 hours in a day, you have to be very careful about your time, especially cooking time. Microwave ovens can be pretty handy in time saving situations with no compromising of the taste of the foods. Microwave ovens are also known for less nutrition value loss of the regular cooked foods.

Types and features of different Microwave Oven

Solo Microwave Oven price in BD: Solo microwave ovens are basic models or entry level models in the microwave oven category. It has limited functionality but it is the least expensive microwave on the market. Solo Microwave ovens are the basic micro oven that helps you to heat up or defrost any food instantly. It helps us quickly reheat foods. This is very essential for all, especially for newborn babies and aged persons of our family as they need fresh and germ free foods for ensuring sound health. It has one magnetron to produce microwaves. They are best suited for bachelors or 2 member families. Solo microwave ovens are cheaper compared to other microwave models like grill and convection.

Grill Microwave Oven price in BD: Grill Microwave Oven generally used to grill any beef or chicken steak besides its common feature of reheating foods. Grill Microwave ovens are provided with additional grilling accessories. They are best suitable to grill meat. Both microwave and grill functions can run parallel and make delicious grills. The grill microwave has heating coils which help in grill, toast or roast. It helps to cook food tenderly like tandoori or chicken grilled in a restaurant.

Convection Microwave Oven price in BD: A Convection Microwave Oven is the combination of solo, grill and convection oven. You can do almost all cooking jobs with this. Convection oven is a must for baking, cakes, pizzas and muffins. Grilling and baking can be performed independently with this. Unlike the conventional microwave ovens, convection microwaves can roast, toast, brown, bake, defrost, cook, broil, crisp and steam your food. It's so versatile that it combines the functions of several other cooking appliances and saves your time, money and kitchen space.

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Almost every model has a temperature control system which is adjustable per the requirements. The LED timer display on top helps to keep track of the cooking time. Glass finished displays for showcasing different functions are clearly visible. Also the surface is easy to wipe dirt in a flash of a moment. The see through the front door helps to check the cooking process thoroughly. Slick and clean design for better visual and the color black goes with various types of kitchen decors smoothly. 

Safety Tips for Microwave Ovens

  • A microwave oven should not be operated if the oven door is damaged or there are problems with closing it securely.
  • Metal objects should not be placed inside ovens unless they are designated as safe for microwaves.
  • Liquids heated inside a microwave oven should be handled cautiously, with protective mitts.
  • Microwave ovens should be cleaned regularly and should not be operated while empty. 

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