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With the advent of technology, people have started following modern techniques of cooking. These techniques have increased the demand for using kitchen appliances with the latest features. Most of the kitchen appliances available these days use high-end specifications that help in making cooking simpler and faster.

Nowadays, users can get a smart cooking experience with different kitchen appliances like induction cooktops, microwave ovens, mixer, juicer, grinders, food processors, electric cookers, kitchen Hood and so on.

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About Electric Kettles:  Kettles are among the simplest of household appliances. Lift the lid and peer inside and you'll see, at the very bottom of the water container, a coil of thick metal called the heating element. When you plug the kettle into an electrical outlet, a large electric current flows into the heating element.


The element's resistance (the tendency any material has to stop electricity flowing through it) turns the electrical energy into heat. In other words, the element gets hot. Since it's in direct contact with cold water, the heat passes through the water by conduction and rapidly warms it up too.



Usage of Electric Kettles:  Electric kettles are widely used these days as one can make tea or coffee quickly. These kettles are like a boon to hostel students as they can be used for various other purposes like boiling water for making Maggie, cup noodles etc. The heating element present in these kettles makes the water or milk boil faster.


Benefits of Electric Kettles: Using an electric kettle to boil water has become fashionable in modern life. Kettles are efficient and will help you boil water in a short period. Modern electrical kettles are highly efficient and will deliver instant results.

Multi-purpose Device- You may not get ready to pay the electric kettle price just to boil water. But, an electric kettle is multi-functional. Boiling water is just one feature of it. Do you like to have tea several times a day? An electric kettle is there to help you. Are you in a hurry and want to boil eggs? You can even do that in an electric kettle.

Speed- While talking about the advantages of electric kettle, this is the most important one. You know how time-consuming it is to work with a gas stove to boil just water. The stove will heat up and then it transfers the heat to the kettle. Electric kettle gets hot instantly as soon as you turn on the switch. So, boiling water or doing anything doesn’t require much time. Many people ask why they have a microwave, so, why to buy an electric kettle. Actually, there are models which get hot faster than microwaves as the entire kettle heats up and gives a wide heated surface.

Energy Efficient- Today, energy conservation is a hot topic throughout the world. You can make a contribution to saving energy by having an electric kettle at your house. Stove kettles require much energy to boil water or make tea while electric kettle has coils to heat up instantly and thus it saves energy.

Convenience- Do you work from home? Then repeated trips to the kitchen for tea are just wasting time. Why not buy an electric kettle and place it beside your computer? Work and have tea whenever you want to. These are small and portable. So, you can carry it while traveling and don’t need to ask for hot water from the hotels.

Auto-Shutoff- It happens that you put on the switch and forget about it. The electric kettle won’t disturb you. It has an automatic shut-off option. After boiling the water, it will shut-off automatically and wait for you. So, you can say it is much safer than those traditional stove kettles with which you have to run as soon as you hear the whistle.


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