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Tea Coffee maker price in Bangladesh

Making coffee or Tea at home or in the office is the perfect way to save your pocket & also save your valuable time on a busy day.If the hot drink like Tea or Coffee lover in you, wants to minimize the hassle of making morning or any time Tea/ coffee then a coffee maker or Electric Kettle can be a great choice. Demands for an automatic Tea/ Coffee Maker are continuously increasing among the common people in Bangladesh. People from both urban and rural areas love hot drinks more than any other drink available in the market. Starting the day with a cup of warm coffee or tea really helps to set the mood for a person. Are you looking for a good quality Electric Kettle or Coffee Maker price in Bangladesh for your home or office use? Those who want to enjoy the hot drinks in the comfort of sitting at home, there are quite a bunch of options in Transcom Digital.


Top brands like Sebec, Sanford, Transtec are producing quality Coffee Makers, Grinders considering your home environment and budget. Buying a Coffee Grinder and searching for the best one for you from shop to shop is time-consuming. That’s why to choose the best appliance as you want, Transcom Digital gathered the huge range of Kitchen appliances of world-renowned brands. They also offer different functionality and features based on various needs of the consumer.


Coffee makers | Coffee grinders | Vacuum Flask | Electric Kettles Price in BD

In winter or a hot summer day, the demand for a Vacuum flask is inevitable. In addition to the changing seasons, to keep hot water to prepare hot drinks like tea or coffee, making cereals for your newly born baby or aged person of your family the demand for a vacuum flask is very high.


A vacuum flask is a silver-insulated jug. Most models of it have an inner chamber and an outer plastic or metal case separated by two layers of glass with a vacuum in between. The glass is usually lined with a reflective metal layer. There's also a tight, screw-down stopper on the top. It is an ideal kitchen appliance for every family for its multi-purpose usability.


Sanford vacuum flasks will keep your liquid hot & cool and refreshing all day long. The Sanford vacuum flask is available both in matte and polished stainless steel, and the lid features a smart strap, which means you can carry the flask for outdoor use. And it's functional: the mouthpiece is easy to take off and put on, without spilling a drop.


Transcom Digital doesn't just want to sell only appliances. They want to be a part of your daily life by providing quality home and kitchen products. Sometimes you don’t feel like it! Every appliance is the outcome of modern science and also for our ease in day to day life. A Coffee maker, Grinders or Electric Kettle can be a starter or supporter on the long way or may be a reward for finishing a project.


The technological advance in manufacturing Kitchen appliances has improved a lot. Most of them have strong safety functions, better temperature control, easy to clean and removable parts, water level checking options, these machines have all of them. Competition is at a high rate, so leading brands are trying every possible way to ensure the quality of the products.


The available designs are neither so big nor too small in size. All models are easy to fit in your kitchen countertop area. Do not take much space but will deliver your life with comfort every day in domestic use.

In some models there are also timer options and nonstick warming plates available. This way you can start your day way ahead of time with your pre-prepared but warm drinks at your table or work station.


Sanford has these kinds of models in stock. The price is not so high but only around 1800-4200 BDT. The quality speaks for itself. The special features include non-stick warming plates for keeping the coffee warmer for a long time, non-drip tech for auto stopping of drips when the cup or mug is removed underneath the machine.


Some of these models offer water recycling options in case of emergency such as high temperature rise, easily washable mesh filter for smooth channeling of the coffee/tea grind into the water, Heat tolerant transparent glass pot for making coffee or tea and easy pouring system is included too. Lights for indicating on/off state. Some models include indicators for no water use and heating issues due to connection problems. They are also made to ensure energy efficiency.


Most of the Tea/ coffee grinders keep the aroma and taste from coffee beans intact, allowing for the brewing of delicious, high-quality coffee. In most cases, the grinder is the crucial aspect to the equation, though most people believe that the coffee maker is the star of the show.


Enjoy Flavored Hot drinks without Guilt: A blade grinder might be a good choice if you enjoy flavored coffees. That’s why you often see two grinders in showrooms; one for unflavored coffee beans and one for flavored ones. Since these simple machines are very easy to clean, this doesn’t pose much of a problem.


Curious to buy Coffee or Tea Makers at cheap prices?

Some of our Tea/coffee machines are restaurant friendly. These are fully automated and can give your customers a taste of espresso sitting in their favorite cafe. Automatic flushing and cleaning systems are really going to help the consumers and the owners to be stress free during working hours. And Coffee/ Tea loving customers will love the closely connected drink not in Italy, but in the cozy corner of your café.


Different types of Tea or Coffee Makers can now be available in many roadside stores which have no quality and service life.  Don’t waste your money buying those cheap products. For hassle free future service and reliable quality coffee maker you must visit Transcom Digital showroom. Quality and warranty together is a good point for checking. You want to enjoy the coffee or tea, not want to run taking the machine to the store from time to time.


Buy Tea or Coffee makers in Bangladesh?

Transcom Digital always keeps promises to ensure providing genuine products from reputed brands with official warranty in Bangladesh. A wide range of popular models Coffee Grinders, Electric Kettle, Vacuum Flasks are available at Transcom digital showroom with the latest features and affordable prices. They pave the way for customers to buy the world famous kitchen appliances with official warranty and after sales support. Prices are kept reasonable for customers and available at all showrooms of Transcom Digital, then which one are you going to choose and buy for your Home?