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The elements we have in our surrounding nature plays a very much critical part in our life and in the way we live. Among all the elements, air is the one that we cannot live without. But it is not enough for us to live a healthy life without having to have any concern about the air we are breathing in every second. If we are breathing fresh air then it can be crucially dangerous for our health. We always try to keep us and our family out of harm's way. From that point of view, it is our duty to make sure that every person of our family gets to breathe clean air. But it has become quite a challenge to ensure this in an industrial age like the present time. In a developing country like Bangladesh with all its industrialization and urbanization, harmful particles are continuously mixing with the air we are breathing. According to several research results, the air of Bangladesh has a high level of harmful particles which can cause life threatening outcomes for us. So it is high time for us to take a step towards giving our loved ones the fresh air to breathe in without having to worry.

An air purifier is an indoor device that filters domestic or industrial air, and which is used primarily to remove pollution, improve air quality and purify the air. The purpose of this device is to limit the spread of harmful residues or allergens and to prevent asthma or allergy problems related to air quality in people at risk (children, the elderly, sensitive people, etc.). These devices can also be used preventively by people who do not have any particular problems but who wish to protect their health and that of their friends and family. This makes air purifiers, first and foremost, devices dedicated to combating ambient pollution and contributing to the improvement of indoor air quality.

 How do air purifiers work?

The purifier filters indoor air and purifies it by removing the various sources of pollution. There are several stages of air purification. First, the purifier draws in the air in the room to capture the particles. The air then passes through different filters that catch the various types of pollutants present in the air. Depending on the performance of your purifier, it will be able to treat different volumes of air associated with the size of your rooms (bedroom, living room, dining room). For the best results, it is essential to have one air purifier per room, which is always referred to as an enclosed area.

All these situations around us have made it very important to have an air purifier in every home for providing a healthy air supply. Basically air purifiers collect the polluted air of its surrounding and filter it from all the harmful particles to provide fresh breathable healthy air supply. Polluters can easily get inside our home from outside which makes it more crucial to have an advanced air purifier. Are you looking for the best air purifier prices in Bangladesh? Then is the right place for you.


Why Do We Need An Air Purifier?

Air purifiers are the best way to clean your air indoors, which can be polluted and full of triggering particles like pollen and dust. They also help maintain a healthy environment by removing pet dander, mold spores, ragweed and more. It can help us with Allergies, Asthma, Smoke etc.

What Size Air Purifier Do We Need?

To choose the right size air purifier for your needs is not so easy. If you have allergies or asthma and are looking for an air purifier to help manage your symptoms, you should also consider an air purifier’s air change per hour (ACH) rate. Air purifiers that can clean the air in a space at least four times per hour are best for allergy- and asthma-sufferers. ACH refers to the number of times an air purifier can filter the entire volume of air in the treatment space each hour. A rate of four air changes per hour also ensures that the air purifier thoroughly cleans the air and filters out as many microscopic symptom-triggering allergies as possible to keep you breathing easy.

What type of Features Do You Need on your Air Purifier?

After choosing the type and size of air purifier you need, consider whether or not you'd like any special features.

Features include:

  • Air quality indicators give real-time updates on the quality of your air.
  • To save money and conserve energy, look for air purifiers that are Energy Star-rated by the EPA.
  • You can also find wi-fi air purifiers you can control from your phone.
  • Other features include: caster wheels, handles for easy mobility, remote controls, multiple fan speeds, and filter change indicators.

Where Should You Put Your Air Purifier?

Keep in mind that portable air purifiers are designed primarily to purify the air in one room only, so you may need to invest in additional units for other rooms. In that case, we recommend that you place your air purifier in your bedroom since that's where you spend most of your time. Alternatively, you can choose a unit that includes caster wheels, handles, and other portability features to make it easier to move it from room to room.

How Much Maintenance Do Air Purifiers Require?

The main type of maintenance required with air purifiers is replacing air filters.

How often do you need to replace them?

Carbon Filters: Activated carbon filters typically last 6 months.

HEPA Filters: HEPA filters last about one year depending on use.

Pre-Filters: Pre-filters generally last 3 months, but some filters are washable for long-term filtration.

Other types of air purifiers, such as our AirFree air sterilizers, use heat or ultraviolet light to purify your air and kill germs and allergens. These models never need filter replacements for your convenience.

Know what you're buying?

Although some manufacturers claim that no air purifier will eliminate 100% of pollutants and allergens from the air in your home. The problem is that the air purifier can only clean the air passing through it. Allergens and contaminants attach to carpets, furniture and hard surfaces, waiting to be disturbed back into the air.

When purchasing an air purifier, the following points should be considered to ensure the best performance.

  • Where will you use the purifier?
  • Do you have special needs, such as removing pet dander or smoking residue?
  • Purchase equipment with high efficiency air filter technology.
  • Get a purifier with the lowest noise level possible.
  • Consider the cost of filter replacement and maintenance.
  • Think about whether you need to turn your phone purifier on and off.

The rooms are different in size

Before you go on, you should decide what air purifier your goal is. Most portable independent air purifiers will effectively filter the air in a room. You should make sure that the purifier you buy is large enough to match the size of the room you want to filter. Air purifiers are classified according to their clean air delivery rate.

Energy Efficiency

Before buying an air purifier you should know that energy efficiency is one of the most important parameters to be considered when making a decision. You would want an air purifier that provides maximum cooling but consumes the least power, with the high electricity costs.

Noise level

If you spend a lot of time in the same room with the air purifier, this can be important. Noise pollution is as annoying as air pollution. Looking for an air purifier with the best noise level and other features you need is an important consideration. Generally speaking, air purifiers with a noise level of 50 dB are suitable for most living spaces. Modern refrigerators produce about 50 decibels of sound when they run. For most people, this is an almost unobtrusive noise level.

Don't buy anything

There are some types of air purifiers that you should avoid. One type is not recommended at all and may even reduce the air quality of the room.

Avoid ozone producing air purifiers - some air purifiers, especially those using electrostatic precipitators, ionizers or ultraviolet lamps, produce ozone. Ozone is a known lung irritant. If someone in your family has lung disease, these types of air purifiers may cause more problems than solve them.

Choosing an air purifier is UIL listed - using any electrical equipment without UIL listed is dangerous. Untested and unlisted products increase the possibility of electrical fires.

Check whether there is a certified Cadr level on the package - a reputable manufacturer will label the package to indicate the Cadr level tested by a certified laboratory. If there is no such label on the package, the quality of the air purifier may be in doubt.

Air Purifier Prices in Bangladesh

Many branded companies such as Samsung and Hitachi are providing us with air purifiers that are built with high-end technologies. Transcom digital being the authorized retailer of these companies, has brought to you the original branded air purifiers for your family. has a variety of original branded air purifiers for you within the best price in Bangladesh that suits your budget. It is also providing EMI services along with home delivery service depending on where you want to receive the product. We are also providing the service of delivering products to a specific pickup point according to your convenience. You also have a few payment methods to choose from to suit your interest. All these offers and services are there for you to make sure that your experience is superior to others.

Available various models and capacities of Air Purifier at

Samsung Air Purifier:

Samsung air purifiers have come up with the capacity of 39, 60 and 93.1 which refers to the area it covers and from these capacity measurements, you can easily figure out the best air purifier suited for your home. You should always choose the air matches or exceeds the area of your home. Samsung is providing 3 step purification with its 39 capacity and 4 step purification with its 60 and 93.1 capacities to make sure that a wide area including all the corners of your home get the coverage for quick purification. This technology reduces 99% of the harmful particles such as dust, gas, virus and PM 2.5 (fine particulate matters). It also comes with smart detection and display features for better understanding of the user and for the purifier to act automatically when needed. With its front side air inlet, there is no need to move it frequently to clean the filters. It performs very effectively due to its auto modes depending on the pollution level in the air. You can have these features with advanced technologies within the low price of 24,900BDT up to 47,900BDT.

Hitachi Air Purifier

Hitachi has offered their customers with air purifiers of 33 and 46 capacity for wide and speedy dust collection and purification. With Multi-layered structure of Allergen-Free HEPA Filter, it collects all sorts of dust and airborne molds to supply fresh air. It reduces seven main odor components with its heavy duty deodorizing filter. You also get two modes to ensure your desired humidity. It also comes with a special noise operation feature that creates a less than 15dB level of sound that prevents any kind of disruption while sleeping and working. All these features can be yours within the low price of 31,900BDT up to 48,900BDT.


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