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Are you searching for a suitable AC for your home within a budget? Selecting the right AC might seem like an intimidating task. We can help you with your expedition in purchasing a perfect AC as per your need. The most important factor in the efficacy of your AC is its ability to cool your home. An undersized air cooling system will struggle to maintain heat removal and an oversized system means you will end up paying more than you need. Both scenarios will lead towards more repair calls. So, you will have to determine the AC unit/units required for the square meters you need to cool. But, the expedition seems even more difficult when you actually have the perfect AC placed in front of you, and you cannot buy it due to a short budget. Transcom Digital is to the rescue. At, you will find the most affordable residential ac price in Bangladesh.Without researching you can’t buy any electronics products. So,before buying an air conditioner there are a few factors you need to consider when you buy an air conditioner. Like energy efficiency, room size, Quality of Air, Cooling speed, Auto restart function, Sleep mode function, Dim light function, Noise less function, Inverter technology, Fire safety etc etc.

Why should we consider these factors before buying an air conditioner?

Without researching you can’t buy any electronics products. Sometimes you buy a new AC but it does not cool the room properly or it takes time. There can be many. The AC’s capacity might not match the room size or there can be many other facts. That’s why you need to have knowledge about a few aspects before buying an AC to find the one you really need for your room! Before buying an air conditioner you should know that energy efficiency is one of the most important parameters to be considered when making a decision. On the other hand It is necessary to choose an air conditioner with the right tonnage according to the size of your room. Also an Ac that you choose should have a good dehumidification unit to reduce the humidity in the room, give increased cooling and more comfort. Because a good dehumidifier can give more comfort and better cooling during the monsoon season. After dehumidification units the most important thing to look out for is the filter. Because it gives better cooling and improves the efficiency of the AC. Like this you should know many more things before buying an air conditioner.


Residential AC Price in Bangladesh

There are two types of residential AC are inverter and Non-Inverter.The inverter technology controls electric current, voltage and frequency. And the non-inverter AC has constant cooling capacity. Through stopping and starting the compressor frequently, it controls the air temperature. Both types of the residential AC price in Bangladesh are now available at with low cost, free offers and brand warranty.There you will find the original ACs of world renowned Brands like Samsung, Hitachi, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Daikin and a Bangladeshi brand Transtec.Transcom Digital makes sure that they can provide original products with reasonable price and good quality.


Inverter Air Conditioner

An inverter has accurate temperature control and it has the ability to adjust for eliminating any changes in temperature. An inverter AC price in Bangladesh consumes less power and current by balancing the speed of the compressor to control the refrigerant (gas) flow rate. It saves your power consumption and so allows you to have a peaceful sleep without any interruption. These kinds of AC can save 30-50% of electricity (units consumed) over a regular air conditioner. Even though it saves your money in the long run, the price of an Inverter AC is comparatively higher than a Non-Inverter AC. The starting price range for this category is 46,260 BDT-56,991 BDT for 1 ton, 61,110 BDT- 74,160 BDT for 1.5 tons, 74,610 BDT- 82,555 BDT for 2 tons. Air conditioner with Inverter Technology adjusts its capacity based on the room size. It is very important to install a perfect sized air conditioner in a room. so make sure that you evaluate the room and air conditioner capacity before you make a purchase.


Non-Inverter Air Conditioner

On the contrary, a non-inverter AC has constant cooling capacity. Through stopping and starting the compressor frequently, it controls the air temperature. When a non-inverter AC price in Bangladesh is not in operation, the power consumption goes down. But at the time of taking a restart, the power consumption goes sharply up. On average, it has high temperature fluctuations and power consumptions. So, if you have enough budget, it is better to buy an Inverter AC because of its energy saving function and for experiencing better comfort. But, if you have a low budget, you can check out a Non-Inverter AC because of its cheaper price range. The starting price range in this category is 38,824 BDT-45,080 BDT for 1 ton, 49,500 BDT-51,700 BDT for 1.5 tons, 64,350 BDT- 73,350 BDT for 2 tons.


Light Commercial Air Conditioner (Price Range)

Are you interested in creating a cozy and comfortable environment for your employees and customers? Then, you should install a Light Commercial Air Conditioner in your work space. To ensure the originality of the products, you may visit Transcomdigi­ and the company is offering two types of light commercial air Conditioners are Cassette (Split Systems) and Split (Wall-Ceiling type). Transcom Digital represents renowned brands from across the world and also has introduced one of the best Bangladeshi brands, Transtec. For this category, the only available brand Transcom has to offer is Transtec.

A Cassette Air Conditionerconsists of an indoor cassette and an outdoor unit with a split system. It is installed in the false roof. The price range starts from 121,000 BDT.

SplitSystems that are floor ceilings, their indoor units are basically installed on the wall or ceiling. This type of split air conditioners have a wide usage because of their high capacity for cooling a single zone or big display areas where direct cold airflow can be released along with the wall or ceiling ensuring even temperature distribution in desired spaces. The Split (Wall-Ceiling type) Air Conditioner price in Bangladesh starts from 121,000 BDT.


Available Authorized Residential AC Brands at

Transcom Digital has brought some world class brands to fulfill your demands. Here, you will get the authorized original ACs with the brand warranty.


Samsung Residential Air Conditioner

Samsung residential air conditioner price in Bangladesh has both Inverter and Non-Inverter Air Conditioners. Transcom Digital has brought us the only residential air conditioner price in Bangladesh from this brand. The capacity limits are 1 ton, 1.5 tons, and 2 tons in both categories. Samsung Inverter Air Conditioners save 68% of energy. The brand gives a 10 years compressor warranty. The air conditioner price in Bangladesh in this category is 63,400 BDT to 99,000 BDT only. The Inverter Air conditioners have other features like 3-care filtration system, fast cooling technology, and the Non-Inverter Air Conditioners have HD filter, dry function, auto clean mode, stabilizer free operations and 5 years of compressor warranty. The price range of this category is 53,900 BDT to 81,900 BDT only. From Transcom Digital you can get the original brand warranty and also other facilities. So, you can purchase from there.


Daikin Air Conditioner

Now Japani brand Daikin air conditioners are also in Transcom Digital. Also, inverter and non-inverter series. These air conditioners are great for power saving so that people can buy air conditioners online. These brands have brought many cool features like I Sense, and Auto filter clean indicators, PowerChill Operation, Coanda Airflow, Econo Mode, Indoor Unit Quiet operation, Intelligent eye, Patented Streamer Discharge and so on. The price in this category starts from 56,000 BDT only. Anyone can buy this type of air conditioner.Transcom Digital can assure you to provide original products. So you can purchase the original Daikin AC from there.


Hitachi Residential Air Conditioner

In Transcom Digital, only Hitachi inverter air conditioners are available. Hitachi has brought a great technology in their inverter air conditioners called I-Sense. The technology ensures a suitable environment for the users to experience sound sleep. Another amazing feature is One Touch Silent Cooling which enables you to lower the level of the sound of your air conditioner by a single touch on a remote button. Hitachi inverter air conditioners have auto filter cleaning technology and auto filter clean indicator. The starting price of Hitachi inverter air conditioner is 65,863 BDT only. The capacity options are 1 ton, 1.5 tons, and 2 tons. This air conditioner adjusts its capacity based on the room size. It is very important to install a perfect sized air conditioner in a room.


Whirlpool Residential Air Conditioner

Residential whirlpool air conditioners are now available in Transom Digital. Whirlpool has both Inverter and non-inverter types of air conditioner prices in bangladesh. Whirlpool has brought many cool features like power saver which automatically Senses the room temperature, controls the AC compressor accordingly and delivers optimum cooling. Even as the room is chilled instantly, energy saving is maximum and the running cost is at a minimum. Currently controlled by a microprocessor inside AC, Power Saver 6th Sense detects room temperature and airflow controls accordingly.  This alignment helps to save up to 20% in electricity bills. It also has auto restart mode, sleep mode, Auto Cleaning mode, Metal-Enclosed Fire Proof Control Box, MPFI Technology and so on. The starting price of this category is 43,120 BDT only. Whirlpool provides a 3 years compressor warranty. Whirlpool residential air conditioners have a new 6th sense technology.


Panasonic Residential Air Conditioner

Two types of Panasonic residential air conditioner available at Transcom Digital to Buy from online with brand warranty, free home delivery, online lowest price, free installation and more. These 2 types of ac are comfortable to buy. Panasonic Inverter Air Conditioners have a PM 2.5 filter, temperature indicator, and powerful operation mode. Some of the models have an intelligent eco sensor, nanoe-G Air Purifying System. Panasonic provides different warranty options for the different models. But, most of the time they provide 2 years of compressor warranty. The starting price of this category is 75,670 BDT only. Panasonic Non-Inverter Air Conditioners have features like 2-way airflow, PM 2.5 filter and it is 100% copper. The starting price of this category is 46,750 BDT only.


Transtec Residential Air Conditioner

The Bangladeshi brand Transtec has both residential and light commercial air conditioners. The starting price for Residential AC in BD is 37,980 BDT only. This brand provides 3 years of compressor warranty in this category. The capacity options of these residential Air conditioners are 1 ton, 1.5 tons, and 2 tons. Transtec light commercial air conditioners have totally different types of features and price range. As mentioned earlier, the starting price of this category is 1, 21,000 BDT only. Transtec offers three different capacity options in this category; 3 tons, 4 tons, and 5 tons.The compressor warranty option is also 3 years. It has brought many cool features like Golden fin, this Anti-Corrosion can withstand the salty air, rain and corrosive environments, which guarantees the outdoor condenser a much longer lifespan. This brand also has Bluefin which has a highly dehumidifying characteristic, increases the cooling capacity of AC and gets less dusty. Has Bacteria Free Air feature which deactivates 99% of bacteria from air flow. So that it helps to keep the air clean and Supplies clean and fresh air for better breathing.Transtec brand also has a Super-powered Rotary Inverter Compressor and four way air swing.


Offers and other facilities

We always become delighted when we get something extra and Transcom Digital always wants you to be delighted through its innovative offers. Currently, there is an offer of flat discount on some selected products. There are also offers for different occasions & festivals like EID offers, wedding offers, winter offers, online discount offers, cashback and pre-book, etc. One of the most popular offers is an exchange offer. Besides, you will get after sales service, warranty, EMI facilities and Shohoj Kisti (EMI option).