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Freezer price in Bangladesh

Not only in the summer, is the refrigerator an essential kitchen appliance for every house. How about the craving for drinking some home blended fruit juice? To eradicate any chances of not fulfilling any food desires on time, you must buy a freezer to satisfy your cravings. Freezer/ Deep Fridges are a great innovation for families because one can store all necessary food items in it. We can store meat and other frozen snacks for weeks or even for months in a deep freezer. You will always be prepared with the necessary food items even when you will have surprise guests at your home. Another most interesting fact about having a freezer is, you do not have to wait for a season to come to enjoy specific food items as you can always preserve it for a whole year in the fridge. So if you have not any, you can buy the Freezer/ Deep Fridge price in Bangladesh from Transcom Digital outlet Or from online. They have a wide range of different models and branded fridges at an affordable price.

Make a modern and energy-efficient change to your kitchen with world famous Hitachi, Whirlpool, Transtec or Samsung Freezer. Keep your food frozen and preserved without any hassle. All our freezer models comprise a unified blend between art and technology. Equipped with 100% copper condensers & latest cooling technology, the freezers are built with features that are unrivaled and designed for durability, giving you the freedom to store and reserve all the food.

Types of freezer

There are 3 types of freezer they are Chest Freezer, Upright Freezer, Undercounter Freezer.

Chest Freezer

These types of freezers are much longer and wider. The inside of these freezers is very wide which makes it possible to keep a lot of things. Also in such models the inside is like a basket on one side so that the small things can be kept separately. And a large part of the large amount of frozen items can be kept.

Upright Freezer

These types of freezers look a bit like small refrigerators. But they have only one door and there is not much space inside. Inside this model is an adjustable rack drawer which will be very helpful in organizing food. The freezers of this model are very perfect for small families.

Undercounter Freezer

These types of freezers are usually found in various restaurants, bakeries or shops. These are freezers used in business. These models are much larger in size. But there is not much design inside. But there is a lot of space which allows a lot of things to be arranged.

Now before buying a freezer we should consider some important things. So let's talk about the most important things before buying a freezer.


Before buying a freezer or any household item, we must check its size. It should be bought considering the size of the house and considering the size of the freezer needed in a big or small family. So before buying a freezer make sure about the size. 


Be sure to look at your budget before buying a freezer. Before choosing a freezer, it is important to keep in mind its features as well as whether you can afford it. Not only that, there are much more costs you have after buying a freezer. So these are important things you should keep in mind.

Energy efficiently

You know that the freezer needs to keep running constantly. So it takes a lot of energy. So, before buying a freezer you should know about the energy efficiently. You should choose an energy efficient freezer so that it can help to reduce more electricity bills.

Temperature and Climate Classification

It's okay if you place your freezer in the kitchen or on the side of the house, but only if you plan on where the temperature fluctuates, be sure to note how the freezer can withstand the temperature. Some freezers are made considering all its temperatures. But there are some models that may not be at all temperatures.So it is very important to buy a freezer considering the temperature.

Noise Level

All freezers have sound. Some have a lot of sound and some have less. If you keep a freezer where you spend all your time, then you must buy a freezer that has less sound. Before buying you should check out user reviews of the different models you consider.

Blackout Performance

Before buying a freezer, you must notice its blackout performance. This means how cold it is inside the freezer whenever there is a power outage. Before buying consider this. This feature keeps the food fresh and odorless. A good blackout freezer can save you from soiled, smelly food and an unpleasant cleaning task. The best reputation for blackout performance has Chest freezers. If there’s much chance of your household encountering regular power failures, a chest freezer is your best choice.

Manual or Self-Defrost

Before buying you should know about Manual and Self-Defrost functions. Everything from cleaning to manual freezer has to be done by hand. But self-defrosting freezers save you the trouble. They usually cost more, but they offer greater convenience and improved energy efficiency.

Extra Features to Consider

There are so many other features like Freezer locks, Soft freeze, Dial thermostat, Combination refrigerator/freezer etc. If you have small children in your family, it is better to take a locker freezer.

If you like to eat ice cream, But when you put it in the freezer, it becomes very hard, then the soft freezer function is for you. It keeps the ice part very soft.  A dial thermostat is very important, it helps you stay aware of how cold your freezer is and more easily control the temperature you want it to be at. A combination refrigerator/freezer can give you a big space where you can store lots of food. It’s a very important thing for a big family. If you have a big family then you should consider a combination refrigerator/freezer.

Whirlpool Freezer | Deep Freezer Price in Bangladesh

There is no doubt that Whirlpool is labeled as the top-rated electronic company that sells the best freezer and deep fridge in Bangladesh. Whirlpool has come up with the latest features in Freezer. It is the refrigerator that serves you the best and is an excellent food preserver is a common choice for everyone. The advanced Technology and its trendy architecture not only looks splendid but does a wonderful job which certainly dominates the Freezer market. With its amazing features, consumers are also drawn to such fine quality. You really do not need anything else if you have both the new technology and design. Over decades now, Whirlpool Freezer has boosted expectations on how a kitchen should be.

The inverter technology of Whirlpool has made it a unique freezer for many families. This technology has saved a lot of electricity bills for Bangladeshi families. The inverter technology not only does save bills but also gives the refrigerators a high performing capability as well. So you are getting the most ideal refrigerator which gives the best performance and also saves your electricity bill at the end of every month.

Freezer is a freezing appliance mainly designed for keeping large numbers of food products at home. This type of freezer is sufficiently large to hold the frozen foods. The reason is that there is no big refrigerator with a large area and special features to ensure the right temperature for food that is edible even when kept frozen.

It helps us retain a huge amount of food products at a certain place. Considering this facility, we may buy food in bulk. The Freezer does not ruin the food taste and helps reduce the food waste from our home.

You can keep a large number of food items at a time in a Freezer, which ensures you can load and upload your shopping cart to your Freezer whenever a grocery sale happens. This will make profit from the promotions on frozen foods while reducing the monthly food expenses.

Some of the Freezers have built-in sidewall that is a layer of protection to sustain cold temperatures for a longer period of time. This process consumes less energy. A fun fact about the freezer is, if you even unplug, it will be able to keep items frozen for almost 3 days when the lid is not opened and remains untouched. So if you ever happen to face power breakage or transferring to a different place, you can easily do that with your Freezer.

A wide range of Freezer models are available at Transcom digital with the best features. The disparity in the energy efficiency of such Freezers, along with the profitable product features such as No-frost and manual defrost makes it less complicated for customers who are thriving for such configurations.

Difference between Freezers and Fridge/Refrigerator?

Previously two different methods of food storage were used. All systems freeze the food to the same temperature at -18 degrees Celsius but they do in two forms. The food temperature decreases slowly during the freezing process. Usually up to 24 hours. Deep freezing is a procedure in which the food has been exposed to a temperature between -30 degrees Celsius and -50 degrees Celsius within just an hour. Deep freezing is a technique that is commonly used in industrial environments. This is better than regular freezing so that the product can retain its freshness and flavor.

Refrigerator price in Bangladesh

Freezers and Refrigerators are machines for the long-term storage and processing of food, which is important both to agriculture and domestic business. They are also used in stores and restaurants. There are various kinds of the Freezer, which includes Chest and Upright Freezer. Some of those freezers have below features No frost: Automated defrosting or No-frost can be beneficial because it prevents ice buildup in the refrigerator by changing the temperature and extra water.

Faster freezing capabilities: Rapid Freezing freeze or easy chill rooms allow you to cool or freeze food quickly on swapping paths at the right temperature.

Anti-Bacterial Coating: A coating that helps in reducing smells and preserving the food fresher for longer within the refrigerator that prevents the transfer and growth of bacteria.

Nano-Technology: Nano-technology is an advanced way of killing bacteria in the freezer. It helps in destroying bacteria and keeps your food longer lasting.

Buying Guide for Fridge Freezers

When you decide on buying a fridge freezer online, there are a number of features, benefits and other factors to take into account. There are also different types of freezers for home use that shoppers must keep in mind before making a purchase.

Deep Freezer Price in BD

Deep fridge/ freezers usually come-up with horizontal designs that work well for bigger sized kitchens because they tend to take a lot of space but everything can be stored properly. They provide home owners with different sections to store food items while some of the advanced models come with defrosting features, interior lighting, temperature control, locks and so on.

Standing Freezers

For household uses standing freezers generally need to store all types of food items at one place. They usually come-up with a vertical design and swinging doors that open either one or both sides and provide enough space to store all types of fresh and frozen foods.

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