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UHD TV Price in Bangladesh

Television has always been a great source of entertainment for people of all ages and occupations. It has enabled us to learn about distant places and cultures from our living room. It allows us to experience many things such as the feeling of seeing the landscape from a high mountain top, scuba diving in the deep seas, the excitement of riding horses and much more just by sitting in front of a television in Bangladesh. The things that we have thought of never seeing or experiencing are now right at our fingertips. Televisions have not always been the way it is now. Television was just a big box with knobs and buttons around the screen. But now time has changed and so have the technologies behind the television. Brands that manufacture TV are continuously introducing new and advanced technologies to improve the design and function of televisions. Televisions from the current time and the time it was invented are different in every way. UHD TV prices in Bangladesh are one of the great examples of how televisions have improved.


UHD TV Price in Bangladesh

Not many companies are out there, who manufacture UHD TVs. Among those, Samsung is one of the most noted brands that provides high quality UHD TVs for their customers. Many retail shops in Bangladesh sell Samsung products. But if you want to buy the original UHD Samsung TV price in Bangladesh then you should buy it from the authorized representative of Samsung in Bangladesh. Transcom digital is an authorized retailer of Samsung that provides the best UHD TV price in Bangladesh. Being associated with all the world class brands of electronics, Transcom digital has to maintain a certain line of standard services to keep up with the popularity it has already earned. They are providing several other services to accompany their original service to ensure the best experience for their customers. They provide delivery services after purchasing depending on where the customer lives and their convenience. You can just go to and order your preferred uhd television, buy online bd and enjoy cash on delivery system. You can also pay with your cards. People are always concerned about their financial safety while paying with their cards. Transcom digital provides secure transactions service so that your financial information is kept safe. You can also take their EMI services while paying by cards.   


Samsung UHD TV

Samsung UHD TVs are the best there is to be certified as Ultra HD picture quality TVs. Samsung is known for their quality and UHD TV price in Bangladesh are perfect examples of their potential. Samsung UHD TVs have some astonishing cut edge features such as dynamic crystal color with HDR10+ that provides lively picture quality. Samsung is the only brand right now that is manufacturing TVs with UHD technology. Samsung has allowed its customers to experience the ultimate pleasure of watching HD TV prices in Bangladesh in high resolution. Customers are always interested in buying the best TV with the most amazing features. As a result, Samsung UHD TVs are considered one of the highest sold TVs around the world.

Available various models of UHD TV at

Being the authorized representative of Samsung brand, Transcom Digital has a huge line of UHD TVs online for their customers. The customers are given a lot of choices so that they can purchase the best UHD TV suitable for themselves. There are UHD TVs of several screen sizes available to choose from.


40”- 49” UHD TV

Within this category, you will find UHD TVs of 43” and 49” screen size with several amazing features which will enhance your TV watching experience. You will get features like dynamic crystal color picture quality, HDR10+ for high resolution and UHD dimming technology that divides the screen into blocks to optimize deep black and pure white for better details. You can also get Samsung UHD Smart TV price in Bangladesh with features like 4k UHD technology, PurColor and HDR resolution and smart convergence. They are also providing voice assistant Bixby along with a quad core processor to ensure high speed operations for your TV. Transcom digital provides 2 years panel warranty with Samsung UHD TV price in Bangladesh with a starting price of 57,900BDT.


50”- 55” UHD TV

In this category, you will find UHD TVs of 50” and 55” screen size which are suitable for large living rooms and restaurants. These Full HD TV price in BD have amazing features such as dynamic crystal color that provides crystal clear pictures with lifelike color along with HDR10+ for higher resolution. They have 360˚ stylish designs with clean black color and narrow bezels. They also come with Bixby that provides an effortless voice control system along with one remote control system to control all your compatible devices and contents with a single remote control. This category also includes Smart UHD TV price in Bangladesh with quad core processor. The starting price of this category is 92,900BDT.


65”- 75” UHD TV

In this category, you will find UHD TVs of 65” and 75” screen size and these are suitable for large hotels and lobbies in commercial places. These extra-large TVs have features like 4K UHD technology for higher resolution and UHD TV Price in Bangladesh processor for powerful picture quality. They are also providing standard slim designs with modern simplicity which helps it to blend in with the surrounding of your room. You will also get a Bixby voice assistant with Samsung Smart UHD TVs that allow customers to control their TV with effortless voice command. The starting price of this category is 175,000BDT. Also you can choose the best LED TV price in Bangladesh at Transcom Digital.


Offers and Facilities

Transcom digital provides 2 year panel warranty and 2 year after sale service for every Samsung UHD TV purchase. It also provides various options like buying television on EMI so that you can pay throughout a specific time according to your convenience. You will also find several offers throughout the year during different occasions such as Eid Offers, Wedding Offer, and Winter Offers and so on. You will surely find an offer going on right now on Samsung UHD TVs at

If branded UHD TV is the priority you have then go to Transcom Digital for the best deals on UHD TV price in Bangladesh.