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Smart TV Price in Bangladesh

In todays’ timeline, it is hardly possible to find any home or family who does not own a television. Television is the absolute best gift that modern technology has given us. On a regular busy day of our everyday life, smart television gives us the chance to just sit comfortably and enjoy things that are happening all around the world with our family. Smart TV prices in Bangladesh have enabled us to create a connection with the unknown world that we have never been to and never got to experience. You can now simply enjoy the feeling of sky-diving or scuba diving under the ocean or excitement of surfing the waves from your couch just by turning on the smart TV in BD. From the beginning, Television price in Bangladesh has been used as a greater way of entertainment than other sources. But as time has gone by, people have come to realize that TV is not just for entertainment. It has the potential to provide us with much more. TV has opened a gateway of knowledge which has removed all the barriers of time and borders. We can learn about a variety of cultures and traditions followed by people all around the world and know their way of living even when we are sitting at home. We can also get notified instantly about the incidents that take place even if it happens on the other side of the world.


Smart TV from a branded company is surely going to enhance your experience with the product. In that case, you would have to be very much careful to purchase the original smart TV price in Bangladesh of a branded company. Brands that have established their name brightly in the field of manufacturing high quality Smart TV are Samsung, Transtec and Philips. Transcom Digital is the authorized representative of these brands in Bangladesh. So, when it comes to the best Smart TV price in Bangladesh, Transcom Digital is the place you should stop by. There are different types of Smart TV available in Bangladesh right now of different price ranges depending on their specifications and features.

Authorized Branded Smart TV Available in is the authorized representative of Samsung, Transtec, and Philips best brands tv price in Bangladesh with the promise to provide their customers with the best price of Smart TV in Bangladesh. The models that are available in Transcom Digital of these renowned brands are;

Samsung Smart TV in Bangladesh

Samsung is one of the leading brands in manufacturing highly advanced electronics that includes Smart TVs as well. If you are very much concerned about the quality of the product, you should most likely go for Samsung Smart TV price in Bangladesh as one of the most trusted brands all around the world.

Samsung Smart TV; 24”-32” screen; the starting price is 31,900BDT up to 37,900BDT

Samsung Smart TV; 40”-49” screen; the starting price is 50,000BDT up to 129,900BDT

Samsung Smart TV; 50”-55” screen; the starting price is 92,900BDT up to 189,900BDT

Samsung Smart TV; 65”-75” screen; the starting price is 175,000BDT up to 585,000BDT

Transtec Smart TV in Bangladesh

Transtec has recently created a great name when it comes to reliable electronics. Transtec is continuously updating their products with new technologies to satisfy the needs of the increasing customers of the brand. They are providing their customers with a variety of smart tv prices in Bangladesh choices to choose from.

Transtec Smart TV; 24”-32” screen; the starting price is 23,000BDT

Transtec Smart TV; 40”-49” screen; the starting price is 28,400BDT up to 35,000BDT

Philips Smart TV in Bangladesh

Philips is a common name in the electronics market but quite new with the small number of Smart TV models compared to other companies in the TV market. They are providing large screen Smart TVs to their customers at a very affordable price with all the specifications and features they need.

Philips Smart TV; 65”-75” screen; the starting price is 199,00BDT

Various Screen Size of Smart Television

People also buy the different screen size smart television at Transcom Digital with smart features, branded warranty, free installation and more offers. So let’s see the smart television and QLED television price in Bangladesh collection available at Transcom Digital and choose your own screen size.

24”- 32” screen Smart TV: Smart TV of these screen sizes are mostly appropriate for small rooms. They are not suitable for living rooms or large bed rooms. It is highly preferable for single person use.

Samsung is offering 32 inch TV prices in Bangladesh with various features and specifications with every different model. You will find (High Definition) full HD television price in Bangladesh with color resolution, natural color experience, surrounding sound, slim edge mold and much more depending on which model you choose. Most of the models come with a 2 years panel warranty. The starting price of this category is 31,900BDT up to 37,900BDT.

Transtec is offering features like 1 GB RAM, 4GB ROM, easy sharing with Wi-Fi and allowing multiple apps to operate with 32” android TV in Bangladesh. The starting price of these TVs is 23,000BDT.

40”- 49” Screen Smart TV: Smart TV of these screen sizes are mostly suitable for small families with medium size living rooms. These android TVs in BD are considered more in budget for customers.

Samsung has come up with HD, full HD, and UHD TV price in Bangladesh along with natural color experience with Purcolor, slim design with built-in Wi-Fi and other specifications with 40- 49 inch smart TV BD category. The starting price of this category is 50,000BDT.

You are going to find the android operating system along with screen mirroring and other smart features with 49” and 40 inch TV price in Bangladesh of Transtec. They offer 3 years panel warranty with this category of Smart TVs. The starting price is 28,400BDT.

50”- 55” Screen Smart TV: These screen sizes of Smart TV are suitable for big houses and apartments based on the sizes of the living room. These are also used in small office rooms for multi purposes.

Samsung also provides 50” to 55” smart LED TV prices in Bangladesh with advanced features such as one remote control for everything, smart convergence, curved screen and Wi-Fi to make the experience far more sufficient. The starting price is 92,900BDT for this category.


65” - 75” Screen Smart TV: These sizes of Smart TVs are mostly used in commercial buildings and offices. It is hardly seen in households but it is great for home theater systems in living rooms for large houses.

Samsung has brought many new features like Bixby on TV, Quad-core processor, 4K resolution, and many more UHD features to the market with this category of Smart TV. It also comes with a 2 years panel warranty with every purchase. Its starting price is 175,000BDT.

Philips television price in Bangladesh only offers one model that falls into this category with the feature like narrow bezel, Pixel precise HD engine, and exclusive smart apps with internal webcam system. The category provides 1 year panel warranty. The starting price of this Smart TV is 199,000BDT.

Offers and other facilities:

Transcom Digital always goes for the highest customer satisfaction by providing many offers and facilities with their products. With every smart TV buy online BD, Transcom Digital provides curved TV Price in Bangladesh and its customers with Brand warranty that includes 2 years of panel warranty along with 2 years of After Sale Services. The customers also have the privileges to enjoy different offers during various occasions.

All in all, Transcom Digital  is always there for you to make sure that you get the original branded products also, providing you an opportunity before buying to compare the smart tv price in Bangladesh with every purchase at the best price in Bangladesh.