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QLED TV Price in Bangladesh

Television has made its own way towards being the most efficient way of entertainment compared to other sources. It has become a part of everyone’s life for its frequent uses in our day to day life. It has allowed us to view places that we have not visited from our home. We are capable of watching shows and concerts from distant places just by turning on the TV price in Bangladesh. Important notices and announcements can find their way in the fastest manner to us through TV. It has become a source of mass communication by connecting people and cultures from all around the world. But in todays’ timeline the applications of QLED TV price in Bangladesh have emerged to a new extent to comply with consumers' needs.


Your TV is not only a TV, much more than that; it can be your Personal Computer and to work at home, you only may need to connect a keyboard with your TV which saves your money and extra space at your home for a Personal Computer, it can be your gaming device, infect TV is the most popular gaming device in this era of science, it can also be your Boombox Music Station for your House Party! However, the era we are living in is the era of being smart! And where your mobile is Smart, AC is Smart, TV has to be Smart! And these days Smart TVs are getting great popularity as it has made our life very easy with the features of Internet accessibility, Mirroring, 2 Way sharing and so on! Among the smart TV prices in Bangladesh, QLED TV got immense popularity because of its style, look and most importantly its features.

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QLED TV Price in Bangladesh

Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode is the full abbreviation of QLED TV price in Bangladesh and the specialty of this TV is the Quantum Dots that provides you the perfect color, sharper image and best contrast! The processor of the QLED TV is much stronger than other LED TV price in Bangladesh and it also happens to be ultra-thin, flexible and it has some different properties. Let’s see and pick your own best prices QLED television in Bangladesh.

  • QLED Television Image Quality: Samsung QLED TVs have better contrast and black level which is one of the most important factors for image quality. The QLED TVs can be wall mounted and swiveled in the ideal angle for you to experience the content with the best contrast in vivid color like real life in HDR from any side of your room as QLED can define the 100% color volume!
  • One Remote: Samsung QLED TV comes with a great feature within “One Remote Control”. To give your TV the most elegant and minimalistic look and to avoid the hassle with wires, Samsung has come up with a great solution; One Remote! Through this one remote you can connect all devices with your TV and for that you don’t have to point the smart remote at each device but pointing at your smart Samsung QLED TV will be enough!
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  • Don’t buy a TV less than 4K resolution.
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  • At first you can avoid 8K resolution.
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In the case of buying QLED TV, one should be very careful whether the product is original or not and for that buying also UHD TV price in Bangladesh from the authorized representative is the safest option. One of the best authorized representatives in Bangladesh, Transcom Digital where you can find all the latest versions of Samsung QLED TV at the best price in Bangladesh.


Samsung QLED TV Price in Bangladesh

Samsung is a Korean Brand and they always introduce new and smart features by using advanced technology to make life easier. Samsung introduced the QLED Line up in 2017.

Transcom Digital is providing you with all the available models of Samsung QLED TV within an affordable price range. QLED TV price in Bangladesh differs on the basis of different models, features, and specifications. Basically, there are two types of QLED TV Samsung is offering for their customers. has brought both of them in Bangladesh for you from the starting price of 396,000 BDT. One of them is the traditional flat screen HD TV price in Bangladesh and the other one is the new design that has recently emerged with the Curved Screen Televisions. The curved design not only gives you a flawless, elegant and aesthetic design but also provides you with a phenomenal view from any direction. As an authorized representative of Samsung, Transcom Digital has brought these original QLED TVs at the best price in Bangladesh. There are discount offers going on every Samsung QLED TV Transcom Digital has to offer. This makes it more of a lucrative chance for customers to get their hands on any one of these TVs.

Samsung QLED Curved TV

Samsung 65" QLED curved TV prices in Bangladesh come in different models with advanced features like Q color, Q contrast, Q HDR 1500, smart hub with one remote control feature. Along with 100% color volume, Q HDR powered by HDR10+ and one invisible connection feature. The original QLED TV price in Bangladesh started from 629,900 BDT but now with the discount offer the starting price is 425,000 BDT.

Samsung QLED  Flat Screen TV

Samsung 65" QLED Flat Screen TVs also offerseveral models that come with Q color, Q contrast, Q HDR 1500, smart hub with one remote control, one invisible connection features, 100% color volume, Q HDR powered by HDR10+ features for you to choose from for your ultimate user experience. The original starting price of these models is 590,900 BDT but now, with the discount offer the starting price is 396,000 BDT.


Offers and other facilities:

Transcom Digital always puts the interest of their customers ahead of everything by providing different offers and other facilities on other products and full HD TV price in Bangladesh such as discounted prices, warranty and after sale service. Transcom Digital provides a brand warranty of 2 years as Panel warranty and 2 years of after sale services with the buy Samsung QLED TV price in Bangladesh. It also provides offers during different occasions such as Eid Offers, Wedding Offers, Winter Offers, and Online Sale Offers. You are also getting different EMI services. All these offers and facilities make the best place to buy QLED TV Online in Bangladesh.