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TV / AV Price in Bangladesh

Television is a very popular home appliance as it is an inexpensive mode of amusement. In this modern age a home feels incomplete without a Television set. To find the best TV for our home we always fall into trouble. Only a branded Television can meet your entertainment needs. To make our decision and buying process easier, Transcom digital has a wide range of low price HD TV, Full HD TV, QLED TV, UHD TV, Curved TV, Smart TV from different top brands in BD. This technologically advanced television allows anyone to enter into the world of entertainment with tons of movies, games, and drama series. In this connection, one question may come to our head is which is the best Television is?

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Samsung TV Prices in Bangladesh

Samsung TV is curated to enhance your experience with real home entertainment. During this case, you'd need to be compelled to be careful to buy the original Samsung FHD Television price in Bangladesh. Samsung is the TV Brand that has established their name brightly among the sphere of manufacturing top of the HD TV, Full HD TV, QLED TV, UHD TV, Curved TV, and Smart TV. Transcom Digital is the approved representative of this great TV brand in Bangladesh. Samsung has a wide variety of Smart TVs to meet your different range of needs. Such as using smart TV provides access to YouTube, watching TV online browsing the internet and android TV that provides an android platform to work.

TV Prices in Bangladesh

Panasonic, is an American TV brand offering Full HD Smart TV with various features. Such as HDMI connectivity, Noise Reduction, Dynamic Picture Mode and so on. Philips Full HD smart TV has dual core processor, Firmware upgradeable facility, Lounge mode, Wall color adaptive facility which make this Full HD TV fulfillment. Starting price of Philips Full HD TV starts from BDT 27,000 up to BDT 1,99,000.

Transtec TV price in Bangladesh:

Transcom Electronics always puts the interest of their customers prior to everything by providing different offers and other facilities on their products. We provide a complete warranty of two years as Panel warranty. Also provides offers throughout completely different occasions like EID Offers, Wedding Offers, Winter Offers, and online Sale Offers.

Transtec Television has recently created an excellent name once it involves manufacturing reliable TBNelectronics devices by Transcom electronics. Transtec is endlessly changing their product with new technologies to satisfy the wants of the increasing customers' needs. This is a reliable Chinese TV that offers 3 years panel warranty on most of their TV products. Transtec offers Full HD smart Television with facility of 1GB Memory, USB Multimedia, VGA Port etc. Starting price of these Televisions are BDT 18,750 up to BDT 35,500.

Samsung Soundbar price in Bangladesh

A good quality soundbar can provide you a big improvement of enjoying music and TV sound with a small price. Buy Samsung Soundbar for sleek and powerful sound for your home appliances like Television and Personal computer. Save space without sacrificing audio quality. Samsung Soundbar gives you booming bass with a built-in woofer, Play your music from TVs or other media player with a built-in USB port, Also Wireless connection helps you connect it without wire with your TV. Experience movie theater like sound quality setting this ergonomic designed product by Samsung. Price for Samsung Soundbar starts from 19,900 to 40,900 in our showroom.

Transcom Digital is the Most Trusted Electronics Store in Bangladesh which offers premium quality and best online experience to purchase Original Audio Video and Electronics products. They offer flexibility to a customer to pay by their preferred payment option. If you wish to buy genuine TV and Audio products you can rely on us fully. Our expert executive and technicians are ready to deliver you the best TV/AV items. Our after sales service is really amazing. You can demand free home delivery to your home and within 4 km of the Transcom Outlet. Besides you are privileged to get quick after sales service provided with every TV and AV product promptly.

Buying any TV or AV product is not difficult for everyone today. But when the question comes to buying with a handsome amount of money, it is a big issue for somebody who has below average income. To handle this issue for limited earning or middle class people Transcom Digital rolls out easy installment payment options using Credit cards of several Banks. No extra charge will be applicable for buying our TV/AV products in our showrooms. That means there is an EMI buying facility of 0% interest. The tenure of EMI on TV/AV price in Bangladesh starts from 3 months to 12 months.